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Thread: short stories

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    john norman sarmiento

    Re: short stories

    lmao! wow aaron. finally, another idiot in a super smart world eh? i wonder if ms.richards is ever gonna fully explain what exactly we have to write about. but in any case, i suggest you finish off that one story you started. "An Endless Dream," wasnt it?

    its good you joined this thing too. The writer's here are really helpful.

    see you in school.

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    MKC King

    Re: short stories

    Here's a really fun way to write a short story. Take an really old story, say Oedipus, and make it modern.

    Oedipus, you know, the guy who was told he was destined to marry his mother and kill his father. So he goes was out of his way to avoid this fate and ends up marrying his mother and killing his father. Bummer. Then he gouges his eyes out.

    OK, it's sorta sick, but you can tone it down a bit.

    No really, have fun!

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