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    Thomas Baldwin

    Why so bitter and negative?

    I have noticed that some people who frequent this forum are not very complimentary in their replies to questions. I have been writing long enough to realize our craft can be thankless, and pouring your soul out on a page and then having the world ignor it can be frustrating. However, is it necessary to then turn around and vent those feelings on others who come here looking for some help with their writing?

    It seems that a question asked in sincerity deserves a helpful reply or no reply at all. A little less disparagement and a little more support and succor might serve us all better.

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    Stitch Cat

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    Well said, Thomas!!!

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    Steven clifford

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    I agree! Stick it to the man!

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    Savannah Thorne

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    I agree completely. These forums are a place for professionals to discuss and share information. Unfortunately, some are less than professional, and are exposed as such by their own words.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    I do try to be nice, and help where I can. Hopefully, I succeed most of the time.


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    Sarah Fluharty

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    I can see your point, Thomas. I try to always be kind to others and I think it is the way to be. However...

    People post their works on here for a critique. I posted mine here because I wanted the opinions of complete strangers. If I give my writing to a friend or family member they might not be honest with me because they'd be afraid to hurt my feelings. That is not useful to me. Strangers don't give a hoot about my feelings and I believe that helps bring honest answers.

    I have seen some writing that really isn't that good. (Hey, mine might not be either!) Sometimes there isn't a nice way to say "That stinks". If people aren't prepared to hear this, perhaps they should stick to writing for people who will love it regardless. Sugar coating isn't useful for anyone, and we all know an agent or publisher isn't going to pat us on the back because we tried.

    I think that those who love to write should do so, regardless of what anyone else thinks. But, if you're going to post it on a forum for strangers to critique you need to be prepared for the feedback.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    So... hmm.

    If I read Thomas & Savannah together, it's clear that anyone who doesn't live up to their standards is nonprofessional.

    While I'd be the first to agree that someone stopping in only to say crap like "Quit now" is hardly the sort of Helpful Hint to be encouraged, I get the feeling that's not what the complaints address.

    Nobody's required to be here. Nobody's required to ask for feedback. Nobody's required to read said feedback, much less to take it to heart.

    Anyone who can't stand those facts can go away. I keep waiting for a Happy-Talk Only! forum so that people who simply want to brag about nothing & gas on endlessly & receive lots of kudos from utter strangers will have their needs met & the adults can swear & tell naughty jokes when the kids are out of the room.

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    Thomas Baldwin

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    Anthony and Sarah have their points, however, I still think a person can tell another something negative with being nasty about it in the process. If someone's work is too wordy you can tell them to tighten it up without implying they are a stupid, no talent idiot in the process.

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    Mr. Deacon

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    Thomas Baldwin... I couldn't agree more!

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    Simon Says

    Re: Why so bitter and negative?

    We all have different communication styles. We all have different levels of knowledge and some input is more valuable than others. Bottom line is that what matters most is that the feedback is uselful and helps you become a better writer. Those of you who are more focused on style than content are really doing yourself a disservice.

    Some of the best and knoweldgable critiquers on this site are the bluntest and most direct. Sometimes the truth hurts no matter how it's communicated. But isnt' better to know the truth - so that you can go out there and educate yourself and practice so that you improve as a writer - rather than get supportive, friendly criticisms - that don't pinpont what's wrong?

    I don't know about you - but if I wanted to improve as a singer, or get a sense of where I was in relation to professionals - I'd learn a lot more from Simon Cowell's blunt (sometimes nasty) assessments, then Paula's empty compliments.

    If your goal is get your ego stroked - then get feedback from your mother. If your goal is to improve - then be grateful that you found this site - and take advantage of the input from those who know far more than you do - no matter how the information is communicated.

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