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Thread: Help Please.

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    A. B. England

    Re: Better?

    Nothing meant by it. I just find it funny I've almost always been referred to as he or him since changing my name from Amanda Roper to A. B. England.

    I've been going back periodically over the course of the morning, cutting words here, replacing them there. I think I'm getting close. Rhythm, when I actually try to include it, tends to be more of an instinctive thing for me. Even when it comes to playing one of my instruments, I've always had trouble trying to count out the rhythm while playing. It invariably throws me off the beat by a thirty-second or sixteenth, and the deviation compounds itself exponentially if I keep trying to plug along.

    Thanks for the offer of further help, but experience leads me to believe trying to force things too much from here will end in creating more issues than fixing them.

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    gulliver h

    Re: Better?

    just curious--where are you planning to submit?

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    A. B. England

    Re: Better?

    The Sword Review, a paying Christian predominately Sci-Fi and Fantasy e-zine, just now gone to print as well.

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