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    vvcd T.E.L.

    Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software

    Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software

    GARAGE SALES, buy, risk-free purchase, working, tested, fully functional, very cheap discounted price, low cost, quality OEM software,

    set I

    1.Advanced Get EOD v7.6 build 205 (including manual)
    2.Advanced GET Real-Time for Tradestation2000 v1.3 Build 396
    3.AIR Software's "Financial Trader for Windows"
    4.ASCTrend Pro v3.03 (the latest! - 5/30/03)
    5.BestChoice Software v4.20
    6.Biocomp Profit 2003 Professional
    7.Cynthia Kase Statware Systems for Tradestation2000i (http://www.kaseco.com)
    8.Drummond Indicators + manual
    9.Dynamic Trader Education Series
    10.Dynamic Trader Trading Examples
    11.Dynamic Trader v3.0 build 63 (user's guide included)
    12.Dynamic Trader v4.0 build 78 EOD and RT for Quote.com (the latest!)
    13.Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6 (http://www.fipertec.com)
    14.Elliott Wave Analyser III v3.0.44
    15.Elliott Wave v7.0
    16.ErlangerQuote v2.16
    17.Essex Option Pro v4.0 (http://www.essextrading.com/)
    18.Focal Point for Tradestation2000i (http://www.joekrut.com)
    19.I-Master (http://www.trade-system.com)
    20.Index Point 2003 (http://www.joekrut.com/products.htm)
    21.Insight Strategic Investment Trader + manual
    22.Investor RT v7.4.5 (Esignal,BMI,DialData,DTN,InterQuote,Quote.com
    Editions) - (NEW!) (http://www.linnsoft.com)
    23.Investor's Dream v1.99.1 - the latest! (unlimited license, real-time
    24.Jurik Research Tools (JMA,CFB,DDR,VEL,WAV) for Excel
    25.Jurik Research Tools (JMA,CFB,DDR,VEL,WAV) for TS2000
    26.Kasanjian Research Pattern Smasher v2.08b
    27.KWIK*POP for Metastock v8.0 (http://www.easysignal.com/home.htm)
    28.LifeStyle Trader v1.2.0
    29.Little Big Horn system
    30.MarketWarrior v3.0 (the latest!)
    31.Mesa2002 v6.0 (incl. articles, seminars, tutorial)
    32.Metastock plug-ins (more than 20mb - request detailed list)
    33.MTPredictor (http://www.mtpredictor.com)
    34.MurreyMath v1.7678
    35.NATT 2000 Collection
    36.Nebadown Trend Line Market Scanner v5.2 (http://www.nebadown.com)
    37.Neuroshell DayTrader Professional v4.5 (http://www.ward.net)
    38.Octane System v2.15 (http://red.hungryhippo.com)
    39.Omnicom v5.01
    40.Open Interest v3.1.2
    41.OptionSimulator RT v3.0
    42.Precision Trader v3.0
    43.Professional Trade Advisor 5 (NEW!)
    44.Profiles+ Professional v6.5
    45.Qcollector for Qcharts v2.5.2
    46.QCollector Pro for eSignal v1.0.1
    47.RavenQuote v1.42
    48.Rina Dynamic Zones
    49.Rina Performance Suite 2000
    50.Rina Portfolio Tracker Pro
    51.Roy Kelly's Floor Traders Toolkit V 8.0
    52.Roy Kelly's Money Maker
    53.Safir-X Assistant for Expert Traders v3.4.0.1
    54.Smart Downloader Plus v5.0
    55.SunSpot Professional v1.0
    56.The Collective v2.2.3 (all systems enabled) (the latest!)
    57.The Woods Indicators
    58.TradeSim v3.0.0 build 654 (http://www.compuvision.com.au) - (NEW!)
    59.Trading Solutions vv3.0 build 040916 - the latest!
    60.Visual Trader (http://www.nirv.com)
    61.Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader v5.0 (including manual)
    62.Wealth Lab Developer v3.0 build 7C (incl. Index Lab, Neuro Lab & Monte
    Carlo Lab add-ons) (http://www.wealth-lab.de)
    63.WinWaves v1.3.25 (the latest!)
    64.Wyckoff VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) v7.7.8
    65.Metastock Professional 9.0
    66.Vantage Point Intermarket Analysis Software v6.0 for Financials -
    67.Vantage Point Intermarket Analysis Software v6.0 for Commodities -
    68.Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75 (http://www.deltasociety.com)
    (including manual)
    69.AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.3 - (the latest!)
    70.Cd with 'Technical analysis of stocks and commodities' v4.0
    71.Deepinsight v9.5 - the latest!
    72.Omega Research ProSuite2000i SP5
    (build 822) Platinum Edition + good forever password
    73.Omnitrader 2003 (Real-Time)
    74.Bernie Mitchell's Fibonacci Cluster Locator Pro

    set II

    1.Advanced Get for Quote.com v1.3 Build 300
    2.Advanced GET Real-Time for Tradestation2000 v1.3 Build 396
    3.Advanced Get v7.6 build 205 EOD
    4.Alpha Omega 5.5 for Metastock v9.0 (http://www.alphomegaew.com)
    5.ASCTrend v3.51 for Tradestation Pro (the latest - 5/30/03)
    6.Aztec TradeSystem for Tradestation2000i
    7.AztekTrading Forecaster 1.0 (www.aztektrading.com)
    8.Candlestick Forecaster Samurai 2000
    9.Captool v1.73e Professional Level1-4/Fund Administrator (the latest!)
    10.Chart Pattern Finder v2.01 (http://www.cpfinder.com)
    11.Commando-II Trading System + manual
    12.Dennis Meyers' Advanced Short-Term Systems and Indicators
    13.Dennis Meyers' Basic Short-Term Systems and Indicators
    14.Dennis Meyers' End-Point Fast Fourier Transform System
    15.Dennis Meyers' Super Walk Forward Optimizer
    16.Drummond Lessons 1-30 (http://www.tedtick.com)
    17.Drummond Seminars and Papers (http://www.tedtick.com)
    18.DynaStore Light for Quote.com v3.0 build 1113
    19.eASCTrend v1.09
    20.Essex Futures Pro v3.0 Y2K (http://www.essextrading.com/)
    21.eVantage v1.0.2 (www.stocksandfuturestrading.com)
    22.EXPO BasketTrader II
    23.EXPO Econometrics
    24.EXPO Monte Carlo Simulation
    25.EXPO v4.0 Build 8 (including Options Analytics,Portfolios,Risk)
    26.Fibonacci Galactic Trader v3.11 Release 68
    27.Fibonacci Symmetrical Trader v3.11
    28.Fibonacci Trader v4.00R6 (http://www.fibonaccitrader.com) - the latest!
    29.Gann Trader 3
    30.HistoryCentre (http://www.traders-soft.com/ts/hc/index.htm)
    31.HurstChannelFour (http://www.theswingmachine.com)
    32.Investor 3000 (http://www.investor-3000.com)
    33.Kwik*POP for TradeStation 2000i (http://www.easysignal.com)
    34.Little Big Horn system (http://www.mindfire-systems.com)
    35.Market Trader Platinum Edition Cycle timer v1.1.3
    36.MetaServer RT Pro v2.0 (www.traders-soft.com)
    37.Metastock plug-ins (more than 20mb - request detailed list)
    38.Metastock Professional 8.0 Real Time
    39.Metastock Prosfessional for Qcharts v7.2 (http://www.equis.com)
    40.MicroPredictor v1.5.24
    41.Midas Touch v1.0.5 (http://www.mindxpansion.com)
    42.Minimax II v2 (http://www.breakoutfutures.com)
    43.NeuroGenetic Optimizer v2.6 build 142
    44. Neuroshell DayTrader Professional v4.5 (http://www.ward.net)
    45.Neurosolutions v4.32 (http://www.nd.com) - the latest!
    46.NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for TS2000i (http://www.nss-t3.com)
    47.Omega Research ProSuite2000i SP5 (build 822) Platinum Edition (good
    forever password)
    48.Option Vue v1.591 (http://www.optionvue.com)
    49.PolyAnalyst Pro v4.6 (www.megaputer.com)
    50.Professional Trade Advisor 4 (http://www.stelaronline.com) - (NEW!)
    51.Rina Optilogix (http://www.rinafinancial.com/OptiLogix.asp)
    52.Rina Portfolio Stream 2000
    53.Rina Selector Pro Toolbox
    54.SAFIR-X v3.4.0 The Assistant for Expert Traders
    55.Simplicity 2000 (http://www.axom.com/commodities)
    56.SmartEtrades indicators (www.smartetrades.com)
    57.Sunny Harris Indicators (http://www.moneymentor.com)
    58.TESS Trader v2.025 (http://www.tessonline.net)
    59.The Daytrader's Talking ToolBox (http://www.talkingtools.com)
    60.TimeTrader II (http://www.acrotec.com)
    61.TradeSim v3.0.0 build 654 Standard/Professional/Enterprise
    62.TrendChannel Pro (http://www.trendchannel.com)
    63.Walter Bressert Stochastic Indicators for Tradestation2000i
    64.Wave59 RT v1.40 (http://www.wave59.com) (the latest!)
    65.WizetradePro 6.0 (http://www.wizetrade.com/) (the latest!)
    66.Metasock v9.0 (NEW!)
    67.Elliott Wave v7.1 RT (NEW!)
    68.Neuroshell DayTrader Professional v4.5 (NEW!)
    69.Advanced GET Real-Time For eSignal v1.2 b225
    70.ETS DynaTrend-V3
    71.Indigo for Mutual Funds v4.50.0077 (CD)
    72.Indigo for Stocks 2001 v5.2
    73.Keltner confirmation Collection + manual
    74.Omnitrader 2003 Real-Time/Stocks/Futures (CD)
    75.Precision Trader 4.0 Pro RT build 540
    76.Professional TradeAdvisor 5 - (NEW!)
    77.Vantage Point Intermarket Analysis Software v6.0
    78.Omega Research Data Vendor Developers Kit
    79.Omega Research Software Developers Kit

    set III

    1.Aztec TradeSystem for Tradestation2000i
    2.Walter Bressert Stochastic Indicators for Tradestation2000i
    3.Midas Touch v1.0.5 (http://www.mindxpansion.com)
    4.Wealth Lab Developer v2.1 build 54 (http://www.wealth-lab.de)
    5.Advanced GET Real-Time For eSignal v1.2 b225 - the latest!
    6.DeepInsight v2001 RT (http://www.deepinsight.com)
    7.Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75 (http://www.deltasociety.com/)
    8.Dennis Meyers' Advanced Short-Term Systems and Indicators
    9.Dennis Meyers' Basic Short-Term Systems and Indicators
    10.Dennis Meyers' End-Point Fast Fourier Transform System
    11.Dennis Meyers' Super Walk Forward Optimizer
    12.DynaLoader for QFeed v1.1 build 20607
    13.Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6 (http://www.fipertec.com)
    14.DynaStore Plus for Quote.com v4.2 build20706
    15.Elliott Wave v6.2 (http://www.prognosis.nl)
    16.ETS DynaTrend-V3 (http://www.epictradingsystems.com)
    17.eVantage v1.0.2 (http://www.stocksandfuturestrading.com)
    18.HurstChannelFour (http://www.theswingmachine.com)
    19.Indigo for Stocks 2001 v5.2 (CD)
    20.Investor RT v6.1.5 (Esignal,BMI,DialData,DTN,InterQuote,Quote.com Editions)
    21.Kasanjian Research Pattern Smasher v2.08b
    22.Keltner confirmation Collection + manual (http://www.futures-trader.com/)
    23.Metastock Professional 8.0 Real Time
    24.Metastock Prosfessional for Qcharts v7.2
    25.Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Net Indicators
    26.Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Turboprop2
    27.Neuroshell Daytrader Advanced Indicator Set 1
    28.Neuroshell Daytrader DataXchange API
    29.Neuroshell Daytrader Neural Indicators
    30.Omnitrader 2003 Real-Time/Stocks/Futures
    31.PolyAnalyst Pro v4.6 (http://www.megaputer.com)
    32.Precision Trader
    33.Professional TradeAdvisor 5
    34.Rina Dynamic Zones
    31.Roy Kelly's Money Maker
    32.Three Bears Software (by Michael S Johnson)
    33.WizetradePro 6.0 (http://www.wizetrade.com)
    Metastock plug-ins:
    34.Dynamic support & resistance trendlines
    35.Equis - Support & Resistance (For MS)
    36.ERSA - Relative Strength Analyser (For MS)
    37.Fractal Finance For MS
    38.Fractal Finance For MS(2)
    39.Investor's Dream for MS & TS + Manuals
    40.Investor's Dream for MS & TS + Manuals(2)
    41.John murphy's chart pattern recognition
    42.Metalib V[1].3.0 for Metastock ,full
    43.Metastock cahen ind
    44.Metastock candle add-on
    45.Metastock Developers Kit
    46.Metastock diff-neu indi add-on
    47.Metastock dynamic trading tools add-on
    48.Metastock Experts
    49.Metastock fractal finance add-on
    50.Metastock hilbert indicators
    51.Metastock market sys add-on
    52.Metastock msst add-on
    53.Metastock overseer data ending utility add-on
    54.Metastock pattern recognition Murphy Morris
    55.Metastock Performance Systems Plus
    56.Metastock profit testing system add-on
    57.Metastock profit testing systems
    58.Metastock quote list add-on
    59.Metastock rainbow add-on
    60.Metastock spk cleanup v1
    61.Metastock spk misc system add-on
    62.Metastock strategies
    63.Metastock Systems Tester Collection
    64.Metastock Systems Tester Collection(2)
    65.Metastock time-ind add-on
    66.Metastock vol & preis add-on
    67.Metastock walter bressert indicator add-on(2)
    68.Metastock wilson's balance trent point add-on
    69.MS Trading Systems Vol 1 2 3 4

    Books (pdf, doc format):
    more than 270 titles! -
    Loads of other great software ( 20,000 plus programs CDs ), 2D/3D Model & Textures 3D CDs, 3D Software & NLE Software CDs, Audio Sounds Sample CDS, AKAI, Band, BASS, BRASS, DRUM, East West, Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra library ( EWQLSO ), FLUT, GIGA, Tascam GigaStudio, GROOVE, GUITAR, HIP-HIP, HORN, Ideas, JAZZ, KURZWEIL, M-Audio Pro Sessions, Percussion, Piano, RnB, ( R&B ), ( R and B ), ROLAND, Spectrasonics, STRINGS, TUB, Ueberschall, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Pro Performance ( VSL ) ( GIGA, and EXS24 ), VIOL, Steinberg Cubase, HALion, Nuendo, Wavelab, VST, VSTi, Yamaha Vocaloid, CBT NUGGETS, CISCO,
    CAx, CAD, CAM, CAE, electronics, EDA. LSI, PCB, FPGA, VHDL, &Other Design CDs, Digital Stock /Footage & Clips CDs, Software For Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets, GIS, Tutorials & Manual CDs, Win & Mac programs, 'WinMac', 'PC/MaC', 'Win-Mac', 'Multi', 'Multi-Platform', 'MultiFormat', 'MULTIOS', 'HYBRID', CDs, 1. 3D Studio Max ( 3Ds Max ) ( 3DsMax ) Plugins Collection, Encyclopedia for 3DSMAX, 2. After Effects Plugins Collection ] (WINMAC), 3. Avid Xpress DV Plugins Collection, 4. Lightwave Plugins Collection, 5. Maya Plugins Collection, Gnomon Maya eTutorials & Manual DVDs & CDs, 6. Photoshop Plugins Collection, working, tested, fully functional, very cheap discounted price, low cost, please send e-mail loa210@mail.gr, loa210@mailbox.gr

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    Gravity Fades

    Re: Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software

    It's Saturday morning. Time for some delcious spam. I like mine crispy around the edges, with scambled eggs, wheat toast, and hot black coffee. Ahhhhh, spam....


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    Re: Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software

    A SALE? Wow! Let me get my wallet. Okay now, let's see . . . how much spam can I get for five dollars?

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    Re: Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software

    Don't knock it, there's some good stuff here... WOW! Kasanjian Research Pattern Smasher v2.08b!! You can't find that just any old place!

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    Joe Zeff

    Re: Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software

    Hamish, whoever this is claims to be in Arizona, but uses an email address ending with "mail.gr" and none of the whois servers I have access to recognize the tld. Please nuke this thread and the spammer's account here.

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    Joe Zeff


    Looking further, I find that both the email address and the domain he's posting from are in Greece.

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    Re: Correction

    You might as well send Hamish an email. I don't think he reads this section that often. But whoever did this sure did make a mess of this page.

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