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    . Bree

    Re: Help! : Recurring words

    You'll probably learn to enjoy editing!

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    Robert Raven

    Re: Help! : Recurring words

    Bree is right, or ought to be. I've grown to enjoy editing a lot. It's a game, and there is solid satisfaction in finding a sentence or a phrase or a word that isn't what it should be, and fixing it. There's also significant chance of a spillover into changing aspects of the story, as well. These tend to come into focus as you nitpick your way through the word stuff.


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    Eyan Carrington

    Re: Help! : Recurring words

    As a former newspaper editor, I absolutely love editing.

    I tend to cut my word count by about half. I get very excited when I lay my flabby sentences on the surgery table, get my scalpel out and slice until I have a buff, hunk of a sentence that says all it can with the fewest words possible.

    Good sentences are powerful, and that means editing. My main problem is impatience. I have to remember to let my first draft be my first draft amd leave the editing until later.

    I think I had some odiferous nuggets at McDonald's the other day.

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    Mary Kolar

    Re: Help! : Recurring words

    I have the same problem with those lurking words. Mine are "Just" "Got" and "Yeah"

    Somewhere along the 8th or 9th edit of my novel, I did a find/replace action on Word and just dealt with them. 98% of the time, I could totally delete 'just' (as an example see previous sentence...'just dealt with them..it's a tic I tell you - - a bad one."

    The main thing is that once I became aware of them, they started to trip me up until I decided to post a yellow sticky on my computer and go ahead and WRITE and deal with them in edit. Don't let your tics be a stop. I always edit with my thesaurus close at hand.

    Yea, I just got some tics of my own

    Good luck!

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    . Bree

    Re: Help! : Recurring words

    "Bree is right, or ought to be."

    Ahhhhh...the words doth sing. Writing is bloody hard work, Malena. It fair wears me out.

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    Malena Venant

    Re: Help! : Recurring words

    But is fun isn´t it? In my case it has become a compulsive need. I wake up every morning saying "I am quitting today" and then I can´t.

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    Savannah Thorne

    Re: Help! : Recurring words

    I had this problem with the word "could." (I could see...I could understand...I could hear...ad nauseum.) I used the goold ol' Find and Replace feature of "Word" and looked at each and every one of them. Some I kept for effect; the others, I got rid of (changed to I saw, I understood, I heard). You may wish to do this too. I found it to be an excellent tool for helping writers notice, recognize, evaluate, and change their repetitive verbiage.

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