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Thread: Heeeelp!

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    Re: Heeeelp!

    Thanks, Jo. I am actually excited about getting back into Maddy's world after so long.

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    Angel Kemory

    Re: Heeeelp!

    I learn more about writing each time I rewrite, but I learn more about the characters as well. It's an escape, of course.

    I would love to read some of your rewrites, Denise! Your story and characters appeal to me.


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    M. Lee

    Re: Heeeelp!

    Sorry, Denise! I haven't been on WN all weekend and I just saw this!

    One thing I didn't realize when I wrote my first book (and you may!), is that it's easier to start a new chapter by clicking on "Insert" and then "Page Break" at the end of the old chapter. This takes you right to the next page without having to Enter, Enter, Enter!

    I use the formatting someone here who is published (maybe it was Irese?) said her agent and editors preferred, which is to Enter x 7 and then write the Chapter Number.

    I hope things are going well! Maddy is a wonderful book (though I only got through half of it before I landed my agent and had to start rewrites on my book). I'm sure it will find a "good" home somewhere soon!

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    Re: Heeeelp!

    M. Lee: Control Enter is an even easier way to start a new page.

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    M. Lee

    Re: Heeeelp!

    Really? I didn't know that! Thanks!

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