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Thread: Car problems

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    Angel Kemory

    Re: Car Problem Solved?

    But Lit Gal, you are female. This is a car that the GUYS would want to drive.

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    Jeanne Gassman

    Re: Car Problem Solved?

    One more thought about cars--

    I had a '73 Ford Maverick in high school. Right after we purchased the car, my father took me out to the desert and raced that car down a straight road at almost 120 mph. He then handed the keys to me and said, "This car is a bomb. Never, never let a boy drive this car." It was not a convertible, but it was sporty and powerful with a 302 engine. You might want to see if the Maverick came in a convertible.

    There were lots of boys who did want to drive that car. In fact, my husband was the first boyfriend who actually sat behind the wheel. I made sure that my father knew that I followed the rules because I loved that car.

    There were some things, however, my father was better off not knowing about. Although no boyfriends drove my car, my friends and I loved to play "ditch 'em" on Friday nights. One car was tagged "it," and the rest of us would race through alleys and back roads in town trying to catch the tag car. My car was usually deemed the lead chase car because it was so fast. There were plenty of near-misses with fences and trash cans, I'm afraid.


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