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    ela james

    Writing as a group, together

    I wrote this in the last 10 minutes, no previous thought or planning whatsoever

    Do you like to join in, and add your bit?

    Toilet Paper

    A lot of food and drinks went into his body that, he thought, will keep him busy fighting his enemies away from his base where he wouldn’t need to refill for several days. It was mid-day, the temperature was pretty normal this time of year, it was 47 degrees.
    All the preparation he needed for these small and infrequent skirmishes and confrontations with his enemies were done to the last letter, rules of engagement were explained and understood, emergencies and unexpected events were also taken care of if they ever occurred. All he needed now was plain & simple: meeting his enemy.

    This fighter knew how to fight and knew when not to fight. He also knew how and where to fight, and if things go according to his wishes, he wouldn’t need to use what he also learnt by heart from the last chapter, how to surrender. He was born in a winning family, and his up-bringing taught him losers need not come back home. Win or die, he was always told when he was a little boy.

    Years go fast. The last time he saw his face clean and shaven was over 54 years ago on a reflection off the outer skin of a broken and sharp edged bottle of Whiskey. The long strong black beard has turned to almost a forest of ash in these unforgiving territories, with a white moustache that looked as if it belonged to someone else’s head, someone, perhaps, 15 years older.

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    Re: Writing as a group, together

    "I wrote this in the last 10 minutes, no previous thought or planning whatsoever

    No kidding?

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