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    Angel Kemory

    Re: Research question

    You know, there is this big photo of a cute little family home taken by my Great Grandfather with the words,"my first home" on it. On the back it says it was $7,000. I can find out later what the actual date was. There is another photo of his second home also. He was born in 1888 and his third child was born in 1913. The house was in St. Louis, Missouri.


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    Paul Cilwa

    Re: Research question

    Go (or call) a local title search agency. (You can look them up under "title search".) They have the record of every property sale in the county, forever, by address or by township-range.

    There was a bit of Internet humor circulated some time ago about a lawyer who submitted a title search that "only" went back to 1812. He was ordered to go "all the way back." He pointed out that the Lousiana Purchase had occurred in 1812, and proceeded to give a history of the world leading up to the creation of kingship in France.

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    grace ~

    Re: Research question


    Nebraska costs in old genealogy records.

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