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Thread: Rhyme in prose.

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    Venus --

    Re: Rhyme in prose.

    Michelle, maybe they say it like that in Ohio, but I don't think "gang" usually rhymes with the other two. Maybe Aarin means in the Emily Dickenson sense--she used to use words that were almost a rhyme. Of course, I can't think of the name for that. . .

    So, anyway, Aarin, what kind of funny accent do you have where "gang" rhymes with "name"? (just teasin' ya)


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    Aarin Edwards

    Re: Rhyme in prose.

    You'd have to see my home town. Our dialect is intense!

    And yes, I did mean it in the ‘almost rhyme’ sense.” If a gang hangs a lame dame with a chain in Maine, who’s to blame?” While that may not ‘all’ be rhyme, it’s pretty darn consistent throughout--beyond the pairings.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Rhyme in prose.

    You run the risk of making your prose sound like lame-ass pseud-rap. If the words call attention to themselves, then the storytelling is lost. Should you actually want to put a chunk of verse into prose, then you'd do well to make it stand out typographically, or you'll risk losing the reader -- readers want to feel they're playing the game, not having it played at their expense.

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