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    Re: Hey Jon?

    Hi Mitch,

    Thanks for the comments. The piece is an excerpt from my second novel. 'Goo' is the last words Marty spoke.

    I should finish this wip process by December. My third, fourth and fifth are already plotted and ready to go. I write horror/suspense and thrillers.

    Honestly, I had taken years of Creative Writing courses in college and attended Arizona State for a brief period to study under Carlson, Pritchard, Green and Hall. ASU has an excellant MFA program and I learned quite a bit. I decided not to pursue the MFA, but have continued with my formal education.

    As I said before, my opinion is just that and I think you have a strong adaptation that needs an audience. So, keep at it and let's rock'n'roll!



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    Re: Hey Jon?

    I rarely participate in writing craft but your post in Lit Agents caught me in the mood to be generous and when I read the excerpt it interested me enough to comment.

    Now I find that I am an egomaniac, incapable of writing anything unique or entertaining or myself.

    OK. Lesson learned.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious pandering to catch up on.

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    Re: Hey Jon?

    Not to mention typos.

    Should be no "or" between "entertaing" and "myself."

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