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    Wayne L

    Re: Prologue page numbering

    I now have located a reference Writer's Digest Magazine, May, 2004 page 28 in the Questions and Quandries column as answered by Brian A. Klems, Associate Editor.

    I'll abbreviate the answer. Do not number the prologue pages. Treat them as other front-matter material. They are best introduced with a specialized slug - identifying it as a Prologue (as the name of the section) and the name of the book. Leave the upper right corner blank. Using a special slug for these sections erases the need for page numbers. If you really feel the need to number the front-matter use Roman numerals.

    Thanks again to all the well meaning respondents. Wayne

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    Wayne L

    Re: Prologue page numbering

    It appears once the thresd moves from the 1st page it will not repost there?? Wayne

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