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    Jo Swain

    Music to write by

    Do any of you write with music playing?

    Do you find you have to play a certain song when working on parts of your book? (Like a soundtrack to your novel)

    Just curious if anyone else does this...

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    L Bea

    Re: Music to write by

    I think music can stimulate creativity, but for me it has to be in the background. Classical music works really well for me. Anything with lyrics somehow stifles my vocabulary. Probably because I'm a vocalist and tend to focus on lyrics a lot.

    ~ Bea

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    Ian B

    Re: Music to write by

    Yes, I indeed do. I have a very specific regimen of music I write by, dictated primarily by what sort of "theme" I want to convey.

    The bands include:

    The Postal Service
    The Flaming Lips

    And rarely anything else.

    The one song I ALWAYS listen to is:

    In The Morning of the Magicians, by the Flaming Lips.

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    John Doerper

    Re: Music to write by

    Yes. Anything by Mozart. Sometimes Beethoven, Haydn, or Bach.

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    Just Me

    Re: Music to write by

    Silence for writing. Various stuff, from Chopin through the Cowboy Junkies and just about everything in between - depending on what kind of section I'm writing - when I'm going for long walks and thinking out the next bit.

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    Jack Smiles

    Re: Music to write by

    Yea, music, but it has to be stuff I'm familar with, like the Beatles. I know their songs so intimately they become perfect background. If something I didn't know was playing I wouldn't be able to do both.

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    r p

    Re: Music to write by

    I've started using a different "soundtrack" for each ms, to help set the tone. Don't laugh, but I use Rob Zombie for dark stuff, and sad love songs when I need to write someone in emotional crisis. I use fast-paced songs for fast-paced scenes.

    It really does help, especially when I don't have time to go back and read the previous chapter to get myself back into that "place." The music does it for me.


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    Mya Bell

    Re: Music to write by

    I can't write with music playing.

    I WISH I COULD. I really do. I love music. I listen to it all the time—except when I'm writing.

    Unfortunately, it stirs up the music parts of my brain (the parts that want to write music) and won't play nicely with the parts that write text. It's one or the other.

    Oh well...

    --- Mya Bell

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    Robert Blair

    Re: Music to write by

    I usually write to a playlist of classical music (Mozart, Beethoven, etc.) and classic rock (Zeppelin, The Who, etc.).

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    Nick Dobbie

    Re: Music to write by

    Anything from Enrique Inglesis to Sepultura (I'll listen to anything). Once I get into the swing of things, I can no longer hear the music. Often (you may do this as well), I don't realise the music has stopped - or in this case, the MP3 playlist has ended - until I reach the end of a paragraph, chapter, or a point to come up for air. It suddenly seems very quiet for some unknown reason.

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