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Thread: #8 and countin'

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    #8 and countin'

    OK, I know ya'll are tired, but please look at this query revision (#8) and let me know what cha think! Thanks again

    Dear Agent:

    When Brooks Tarver, a veteran of the juvenile detention center, struggles to put a history of scandal, greed, and shame behind him, he is left to fight his way through the only way he knows how--with his hands. Conversely, Madeline Harris is emerging as one of Detroit’s finest officers. But confronted with her most challenging, gut-wrenching assignment to date, she must decide if the sudden risk of danger is worth the potential ranking within her department.

    A college student plagued with a violent past, Brooks is the target of a sex rumor that quickly spreads around Michigan Central’s campus, leaving him with no choice but to reawaken the treacherous lifestyle he once lived when nothing mattered, not even the life of another person. However, Madeline Harris is on a mission to revenge the ruthless death of her husband. Deciding the best way to do so is through case resolution, she is encouraged to partake in an undercover operation at a suburban university. The determined Sex Crimes Unit standout is left with a decision that will forever change her life. With These Hands is the story of what happens when one character’s rise to fortune collides with another’s catastrophic fall.

    A professionally edited Urban Thriller, “With These Hands”, is composed of 70,000 words and is set in the city of Detroit and its suburbs, creating a web of suspense that only the Motor City can bring.

    Graduating with a Masters in Human Resources and Bachelors in Sociology with a Criminal Justice minor, I have been crafted with researching skills along with an educational background to create a literary work. However, it is working with delinquent youth in a juvenile detention center that I have gained insight into the disruptive mind of a criminal, the true foundation of my work.

    Curious of the outcome to “With These Hands”? Well, the full manuscript or a sample is available at your request. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Derek (D-VIT) Vitatoe

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    Denise .

    Re: #8 and countin'

    Derek, most folks read every forum. No need to post your query in but one.

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    Re: #8 and countin'

    my apologies...new user

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