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    A Writer

    HELP!!! Are you a WORD expert?

    I was doing a final spell/grammar check. It got about 4/5 of the way through my 475-page document, and it froze. I had to exit the program and start again. It did this several times!

    And even though I had saved the corrections as we went along, it didn't remember them.

    What is wrong with my spell checker????

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    K. Collins

    Vague idea.....

    Well, it might help if you highlighted the part you need to do still and press F7.....then at least you'd get the whole thing checked. If it stops in the middle of that, then I can't help you there. Sorry.....

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    Mya Bell

    Re: Vague idea.....

    Word has lots of bugs. Lots of bugs. That's one of the reasons I don't use it.

    It's a good idea to write, edit, spellcheck, and save chapters separately and combine them at the end.

    It's also a good idea to save the document every few minutes under a different filename, such as novel1.wrd, novel2.wrd, novel3.wrd.

    It's a good idea to save the day's work under another filename, preferably on a different partition, disk, or hard drive at the end of each day or at least at the end of each week.

    Sorry you lost data. It's a major drag. Take precautions. Don't trust the software. Software from big companies is rarely fully tested before being shipped (it's true of software for most software companies, actually).

    --- Mya Bell

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    Jack Smiles

    Re: Vague idea.....

    Get a MAC. I run in my burning house to save mine. Don't know how you people work on PCs.

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    A Writer

    Re: Vague idea.....

    LOL Jack! I think one is a rabid fan of one or the other.

    Mya, fear not -- I didn't lose any data. Whew!! It finally "unstuck" itself. And I send my day's work via email to my husband's account every evening, where he saves it onto his hard drive. So I always have a backup in the event of a stupid Microsoft glitch.

    When I wrote the story, I did do every chapter separately as you suggested. This is my third draft, and I had already combined the chapters so I just kept them that way. It's certainly easier to deal with them separately! I just didn't feel like reformatting again at the end.

    Out of curiosity, what program do you use for your writing?

    And K -- I started highlighting each chapter separately, and for some reason, around chapter 8, it decided to spellcheck the entire remainder of the document, though I hadn't asked it to. It got stuck....I left and took my shower, and when I came back it was unstuck -- and finished spellchecking!

    The best news is that I've whittled my word count down by about 40,000 words!

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    Donna Eastman

    Re: Vague idea.....

    Did you install Word yourself? One you bought in a store? or did your computer come with it already in? Did you borrow a disk from a friend? Store bought ones should have the least number of glitches. Snitched ones sometimes have a lot.

    By the way. My 40 meg computer holds Windows 95 with Works 4.0, Windows 98 with Word 97-2000 and Windows 3.1 with Word Perfect 5.1. I use them all for different reasons. Each time you go up, you gain stuff, but sacrifice some of the old. I still have plenty of room for everything else, including Family Tree Maker, and other big software.

    I'm not even tempted to upgrade, so people who want to send me stuff have to save it in one of my word processing programs. I don't care if they're mad.

    I still own four VCRs for G-d's sake!!

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    Mya Bell

    Re: Vague idea.....

    A Writer said: "Out of curiosity, what program do you use for your writing?"

    I use a bunch of them—whatever's handy. AppleWriter, PageMaker, Nisus Writer, TextEdit and others.

    When I'm done, if an editor wants Word format, I just export to Word. No problems so far. Manuscript format is dead simple anyway.

    --- Mya Bell

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    Robert Raven

    Re: Vague idea.....

    This could be a memory problem. When I am working on a long document (I do a lot of editing of other peoples' documents), I often run up against a messsage that says something like "There are too many grammatical errors for Word to continue to check". Then it just stops checking. But it doesn't crash or anything like that.


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    Just Me

    Re: Vague idea.....

    I thought of the memory thing, too. Before you start checking, make sure you've closed down anything you don't need. Also, clear your temp files - that sometimes makes my computer knock it off when it's having a crashing fit.

    I use Word Whatevercamewiththemachine.

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    Irese Sheridan

    Re: Vague idea.....

    This computer didn't have WORD installed. It had a 60-day trial for 2003. To use it, I had to type in a number on a "Certificate of Authen.." (can't spell this morning -- brain dead more than usual). Did so and received the 60 days. When I went to sign up for the full program,, Microsoft decided the number was invalid, and therefore, I would have to pay extra for getting the software. A few e-mails were exchanged to no use.

    So I'm doing my current novel in Works 8.0. If I get the money anytime soon (doubtful), I'll go for WORD 2003, which is offered through Office Depot at a reasonable price. I've seen some up for auction at Ebay, but am leery of buying them -- even though the seller has great feedback.

    I am so sorry you lost all that material. I back up everything and make hard copies ASAP so the material is around. And if there's anything I loathe about WORD, it's the SpellCheck. I also had one version, maybe it was 97, that ate Macros. Still like WordPerfect best.

    Enough of the rant.


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