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    B P

    "Cliche" vs. "Cliched"

    Would one say, for example...

    "That's a cliched solution"


    "That's a cliche solution"


    I originally thought it would be "cliched", but I figured this is one of those things I should double-check

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    Mya Bell

    Re: "Cliche" vs. "Cliched"

    I believe the correct form of the adjective is "clichéd." In informal speech, people frequently leave off the "d."

    --- Mya Bell

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    Happy Soybean

    Re: "Cliche" vs. "Cliched"

    In your example, I'd definitely go with "cliched." (Althouth I'm curious what solution would be cliched...)

    But you often hear people say, about something in general, "That is so cliche." Should it really be "cliched" or is "cliche" okay in that example?

    p.s. the words cliche and cliched look really weird after you type them over and over

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: "Cliche" vs. "Cliched"

    Using a cliche is so cliched.

    Anyone got better French than me? Now I'm curious how it's conjugated -- I mean, if we're gonna swipe other languages' words, we might as well act responsibly.

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    Bob Highland

    Re: "Cliche" vs. "Cliched"

    Yep, in the case above it's definitely "clichéd" - that's the adjective and cliché is the noun. I've noticed that many people (especially citizens of the 50 states for some reason) get it wrong.

    Like many borrowed French words, the diacritic (accent) is usually omitted because it doesn't appear on an English language keyboard, and that's OK. But if you really want to be authentic you can easily reproduce an e with an acute accent by simultaneously pressing the ALT key and typing 130 e.g. fiancé, café, résumé. Or if you want to get fancy you could even write naïveté. Or Noël. Oh the power at one's fingertips!

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    Queen V

    Re: "Cliche" vs. "Cliched"

    Bob, very good point.

    There are a ton of pages out there with charts of all the alt-codes. I found one to get you all started: <http://home.earthlink.net/~awinkelried/keyboard_shortcuts.html>

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