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Thread: " or '

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    Devin Jordan

    Re: " or '

    I wasn't really trying to make the sentances good ones or anything, just about the quotation marks. yes, I live in the U.S, so you're saying that it should be "___ '___'___" right? That's what I usually do, but I wasn't sure. It makes sense to do it the other way around so that the double quote would be the quote in a quote (if that makes any sense) Is there any exactly correct way of doing it? Any websites or anything in any dictionaries or anything that says "this is how you have to do it"?

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    Mya Bell

    Re: " or '

    Devin, single quotes inside double quotes is more common in American style guides.

    The point I was making, besides the single-inside-double issue, is about where the punctuation lies when you put quotes within quotes.

    As you can see by the above example, depending upon what is being quoted in the inner quote, the period (or other punctuation) would be inside the first set of quotes or inside both sets of quotes.

    You can't really solve the issue of single quotes versus double quotes without also looking at the associated punctuation.

    --- Mya Bell

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