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    Not Hemingway

    How prolific are you?

    No, I'm not trying to get too personal, but I was curious: how much are you able to write each day? How much can you revise in a day?

    I find that if I am writing on a blank page, I can generally write about two pages before I feel a need to stop and let my juices rebuild. That writing generally takes about two to three hours. Of course this is subject to whatever else I am doing at the same time (read: day job).

    When I rewrite the first time, maybe 8-10 pages a day, and accelerating on each successive rewite. I revise constantly, though, and am working on a novel that is in form 8.1 (and there were 1.0, 1.1, etc., though not necessarily ten in each), perhaps my fortieth revision.

    I keep a copy of the versions along the way, in case I want to retrieve something (as yet, I never have, but it is still a safety net for me).



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    Keith Postler

    Re: How prolific are you?

    When I'm writing and on a "regular" schedule, I shoot for about 1500 words a day, which is usually a couple hours. During that time, I also usually revise what was written the day before, keeping track of changes via the Track Changes feature in Word. The 1500 words a day is like squeezing water from a stone, as it usually never commences until after 11 p.m. on any given night, due to ... work and family obligations.


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    Mya Bell

    Re: How prolific are you?

    I write about four good, clean pages a day (about 1,000 words). In addition to that, I write a whole bunch of other stuff: letters, journals, comments on writers' forums, short stories, the occasional article...

    If I don't feel like writing (I almost always feel like writing), then I edit or do something completely unrelated to writing (walking, kayaking, etc.). If I don't feel like writing or editing, I read. I almost always enjoy reading.

    Occasionally, I've had writing mania. I've had years when I've penned more than 1,500 published pages (which is about ten good pages a day minus editing/polishing time). This is nuts. I don't recommend it unless you want to go permanently cross-eyed. It's fun to do it in spurts, though.

    I think most writers are happy if they can output about three pages a day. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up.

    --- Mya Bell

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    john folsom

    Re: How prolific are you?

    It depends for me. How I feel. I write at least two hours a day on something. I may go to the lake and sit and write describing the water and trees, that sort of thing.

    At times I write about five or six good pages a day. Other days I'm lucky to get one good page.

    I've set and typed five pages, and when I went back over it I end up with a couple of paragraphs.

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    Nick Dobbie

    Re: How prolific are you?

    One word a day. I've been going for 6 days and all I have so far is:

    It was a dark and stormy

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    Claudia Janssen

    Re: How prolific are you?

    Depends, if I'm on my day job I try to write between 1500 and 2000 words. In the weekend when I'm at home I try to write between 3000 and 4000 words. Those are first drafts obviously.

    At the moment I'm on the first editing round and I try to edit/rewrite about 25 pages at weekends.

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    Clarissa Anderson

    Re: How prolific are you?


    Maybe you should do a map planning in your head about the story you want to tell and then write down ideas as they come along. They may come along in the middle of the night but just write them down. Then when you can allocate a time, sit down and put all that together and start your story on the PC if you like... just a suggestion.

    Well currently I am working on about two hundred words a day. Time has become a real problem so whenever I have two minutes I quickly write down and each night before bed just type up from my notes.


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    Matya Dio

    Re: How prolific are you?


    I am a terrible procrastinator.

    At least I blame my 'valid' excuse of having four kids and homeschooling.

    Wish I had more time.


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    Denis Bonner

    Re: How prolific are you?


    Homeschooling is the ultimate.

    We did it too. With resounding sucess.

    The writing will follow. Believe me.


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    Richard Clunan

    Re: How prolific are you?

    Nick: you're not the quickest. by my calculations, it took you seventeen days to write that email. You could try being more concise:

    It was dark and stormy.

    : and increase your production rate by 27.77 percent.

    >One word a day. I've been going for 6 days and all I have so far is:

    It was a dark and stormy

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