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    Vicky Scott

    Re: MSWord where do I get it?

    As if I could forget you Ruth. I'll make sure you get a signed copy. ;-)


    P.S. That's if I'm not arrested in the meantime.

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    Jerry Springer

    Re: MSWord where do I get it?

    As a rule, most software packages permit installation on multiple computers owned by the purchaser, so long as only one copy of the app. is used at a time.

    -- Jer

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    Nick Dobbie

    Re: MSWord where do I get it?

    Hi Gary (et al.) It's Nick, from the gutter! Heh heh heh.

    If I ever have a book that is reprinted in China I will be over the moon with JOY. You know why? Because I will already be LOADED, from the other sales I made in the *honest* world, were you live (I live in the ROC - Republic of China, full of unscroupulous gutter dwellers).

    I will sign any fake copy, because having enough money to be comfortable is human - having enough to buy the nations that are infringing the said copyright is not.

    I'm off to burn Windows XP and send it to and Indonesian CD factory.

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    Denis Bonner

    Re: MSWord where do I get it?

    Look at it this way - if Microsoft was a country it could join the G7 as number 8. Supposing they picked you out as a likely example...

    You couldn't afford the lawyers

    And if you don't care for Bill Gates you can just go the Apple way (no viruses either).

    In case anyone is wondering - I now live in a household of 4 computers and I have the only PC. And the other machines can run rings around mine.

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    D Simmons

    Re: MSWord where do I get it?

    If you wrote a novel and discovered people were making illegal copies and selling or giving them away to others how would you feel about it?

    If it were me, I would be mildly upset at a minimum. I write for a living. Software is in the same category. Merely because a company has been successful in selling it does not justify stealing and that's exactly what you're doing when you loan your computer disks to someone else.

    You can rationalize until the proverbial cows come home and it all adds up to the same thing.

    If you want free software may I suggest open source (Linux software)?

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    D Simmons

    Re: MSWord where do I get it?


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    Susan Cronk

    Re: MSWord where do I get it?

    If you don't have it on one of the installation disks that came with it, or if it's an older laptop running Win 95 or 98, and you just want a good basic version of Word, you could buy a version on e-bay.

    Make sure it's a "Fully installable version in factory sealed package with the original licensing key code. Also make sure it's not an UPGRADE version." I've bought a couple of pieces of software that way and been pleased. You might check with mrtech2005. I bought an older version of office professional from him, which is great, and it gave me the basic package, an older version of Excel, Powerpoint, and Microsoft Scheduler. I already had Word 2000 and kept it. The older version works great for what I need to do with it. He has a few showing in ebay now. Here's one link I found from mrtech2005's online store. Hope it helps. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=7120902387

    If he asks who referred you you can tell him it was awpubeditor. Good luck.

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