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    Re: A Father's Reaction

    I think it's time for a sub-plot!

    The kid goes to GA with father kicking and screaming all the way and hates the hicks in the sticks when he gets there. However, because he is just starting into the bloom of youth and Ga is well known for it's peaches, he soon sees a girl who catches his eye. Not only that, but what is the main pastime in New York for young men? Basketball! He soon learns he has skills the school needs to win the all state game.
    Sub-plots are a great to expland your story and audience.
    Charlie "Boog" Hayes

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    R W

    Re: A Father's Reaction

    I can answer this for two reasons one I'm a single father of a fourteen year old boy but more importantly when I was young we moved like gypsies on cocaine. I mean I seriously went to 14 high schools!! So the first thing I can say is; the kid is gonna be pizzed. leaving friends girls and all that, hell one time my idiot step father came home, we were living in some crazy insane place at the time, Ohio I think it was, and the fool announces we are moving to puerto rico!! WHAT?? I promptly ran away, figuring if they couldn't find me well they could just move then! well the cops found me and we moved to mayaguez PR. wan't too bad until we moved to some crazy place in illinois whew!!!

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    KT Stephens

    Re: A Father's Reaction

    Your response was terrific. It was interesting to see how you related to this situation. This has helped a lot. Thank you for your participation.

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