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    David Rice

    Stupid Google Ad

    The Google advertisement:

    Do you have a Story?
    Do you want it Published?
    Earn up to L1500 and

    How can one earn \"up to\" an amount, \"and more?\" And why is \"Story\" and \"Published\" capitalized?

    Sure I\'m picking nits: it\'smy best thing I do. :-)

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    Sumit Ghoshal

    Re: Stupid Google Ad

    There's actually more to that. I clicked on the ad and found that it was not for writers at all. It is a news agency looking for subjects to write about!

    In that case, what is it doing on writers.net?

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    David Rice

    Re: Stupid Google Ad

    It seems unlikely to me that a legitimate news agency would do such a thing: they have more than enough to write about, and they sure as little apples do not pay people to tell their stories.

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