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    Mary M

    For Karen Dionne

    So good to see you here again!

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: For Mary M

    Thanks, Mary!

    As you know, I left WN after the semi-disastrous (for me, at least) events of last spring, but as the months have passed I've gotten over being intimidated by jealous, bitter writers and have essentially made lemonade out of that particularly bitter lemon, as the saying goes. I rarely get an opportunity to look in at WN these days, though, because Chris Graham and I are pretty busy managing our own writer's site. I spend about three hours a day on administrative work alone - scheduling guest speakers, soliciting agents and other publishing professionals for articles for our homepage content, and now I'm busy proselytizing Backspace (www.bksp.org - have to slip that in, you know!) all over the web. Doesn't leave much time for my own writing, although my second thriller is slated to go out on submission around the first of the year - assuming I finish it by then. But I've had all sorts of neat experiences and privileges in connection with my new project, so I've no complaints. Drop me a line if you like - I'd love to chat. karen@bksp.org


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    Brady Boyd

    Re: For Mary M

    Karen, it's good to see you here again, contributing like in the ol' days of yore.


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