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    David Simmons

    Editing Software Suggestions?

    Greetings, I was hoping to obtain some advice on editing software. Is anyone aware of a product that they have found particularly useful?

    I think my work needs help in areas like maintaining a inified perspective, simplifying sentences and possibly paragraph structure.

    Some of the products I've seen advertized are StyleWriter and Wizards for Word.


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    Terri D

    Re: Editing Software Suggestions?

    StyleWriter is probably the best out there, if you want to spend that much money.

    But you can also get the same results by asking an English major or teacher.

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    Jackie Kessler

    Re: Editing Software Suggestions?

    I humbly agree with Terri, and that has nothing to do with me being an editor and shuddering at the thought of being dependent upon editing software. :-)

    Honestly, your best editing tools are the dictionary (I recommend M-W Collegiate, 11th edition) and Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition.


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    john folsom

    Re: Editing Software Suggestions?

    There are also several books on self editing. You can check some of them out of the library.

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