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Thread: Permissions

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    Re: Permissions

    Been discussed to death here at WN, mostly by people who are totally clueless. This is NOT the place to come looking for accurate information on a complicated subject.....(except for PB, who is, as she says, dealing with this.....) (It's a VERY complicated subject. You'd be wise to do some RESEARCH.)

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    Ryan Bruner

    Re: Permissions

    Again, I repeat...if dealing with song lyrics, go to www.icgcopyright.com. I have dealt with them. If they handle the copyright, they can give you royalty information and even send you a contract. If they don't, they can point you to who DOES handle the copyright.

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    Picture Book

    Re: Permissions

    And then, expect to pay...but there's no need to do any of this until you've sold your book. Your publisher will let you know what you have to do.

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Permissions

    I am in total agreement here with PB. If your manuscript is still in the works consider using the Title of the song, instead of the lyrics. If the lyrics are what you are insisting on using then your agent and publisher will let you know. Most major music publishing houses will not even answer you if you do not have a publisher behind you.
    And as PB stated "be prepared to pay"

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    Robin Blue

    Re: Permissions

    Thanks everyone. The line from the lyric is not actually for use in my book. It's for an article that I am writing.

    Based on everything I've read here and because I need to get the article finished, I'm going to exclude it. The song title wouldn't produce the picture that the lyrical line itself would.

    Again thanks to all. I have new information to build on if I need it in the future.


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    mid atlantic states, swamp , u.s.
    i've been waiting for permission to quote from several sources. i've only recieved one, and she is has not sold her copyrights and is thankfully still alive and writing. finding copyright owners is jumping through hoops in a touring circus. i think i will resort to paraphrasing and honorable mention. i would rather not, but this project has stalled and needs to roll.

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