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    I had no idea that i could write , and the reason for
    providing this memo is to let others know that they may very well be writers.

    My good friend from school(40 years ago school)
    Gerald Housman made writing his profession.He has written over 60 books and is well known.
    Great! how does that help me? Well , i visited him last year as we were getting ready for our 41st reunion(we missed #40)As two silly guys going over 80 years that had gone by we exchanged our stories.
    I learned about his writing accomplishments and he found out about my very unusual life , before he knew me and certainly after we left school.
    He was taken back about my unusual events and told me that i had to write my Memoir.
    My first words out of my mouth was "Gerry i still haven`T
    learned to speak English let alone write a book"
    He quickly told me how wrong i was. He said that if you can tell stories( i always was the outgoing guy in school , athletics and cars and girls)you can write a book.
    Anyway not to go on for ever. I did write my autobiography.
    It is titled I WOULDN`T DIE.
    It was reviewed by THE ITALIAN AMERICAN PRESS.
    They think that it the book is well-writtennarrative with playful and whimsical sense of humor which would appeal to a large audience of reader;also we find your main character memorable;he is clever,talented,creative,and well portrayed.
    They went on to say that they will post it on their web site.
    You can see my sight WWW.FRANCOANTONETTI.COM
    My point is that if the writing matter is dear to your heart
    or you know a great deal about it , that alone may bring out skills that you had no idea you had.
    Just my two cents from a nobody writer and publisher who is thrilled with his first project

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    Jenny Adkins


    It's a good lesson that you teach! Many writers seem to think that to be a writer, the only requirements are to know proper grammar and punctuation. Really, the art of being a writer is not to be mechanical in the way you write, but to write in a manner that truly conveys a message. I believe many people miss the point in writing a good, wholesome book by throwing themselves into worries about ways to word a sentence.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Eds Vox


    I still don't believe I am a writer. I write because I have to or I will go crazy, not because I believe I will ever make money off it or that anyone will even enjoy reading it.

    I am not sure how to define the title 'writer'. It isn't just someone who writes, because everyone does to some degree or another. I wouldn't think it is just those who get paid for their works either. Is there some magic word count out there that seperates the writer from every other person in the world? When can I join the special club of 'writers'?

    My definition of a writer? (And this is certainly true in my case!) Someone who enjoys the sound of their own voice...Or the type of their own words, as the case may be.

    For the most part, I never really did like most writers I met.

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    John Buehler

    A different take

    I figure that a writer is somebody who wants to communicate in the written word. Either they want to tell others of their experiences, they want to entertain others with an old-fashioned tall tale, or they want to elicit a reaction from those hearing the tale (that would include convincing them of a point).

    I fall into the last category. I'm most avid in my writing after being moved by someone else's story. I think "I want to give someone the feeling that I just felt." A good movie will do that to me. For example, the miniseries "Band of Brothers".

    I suppose the need to put words on paper is another reason, as Eds suggests. I don't glom onto that very easily because it is my nature to believe that people are about their interactions with others, not with themselves.


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