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Thread: POV help

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    Two Sheds

    POV help

    Sorry for the "Writing 101" question but...

    When changing POV in the middle of a scene, should you:
    1. extra space with a '#' or
    2. do nothing and let the reader pick it up

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: POV help

    I leave the extra space and ***

    Patti : )

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    Ryan Bruner

    Re: POV help

    It depends on how you are writing. You can get away with either.

    If you are writing from an omniscient limited method, you can change POV on a whim...but you should be careful with this. If you are focusing on a character's POV and then change a lot, it can come across disjointed. However, if you are following a character, but not getting too "personal" with him, then you can do this.

    If you tightly follow a character POV, then I wouldn't recommend just changing POV freely. In my current WIP, major POV changes are either chapter changes or separated with "* * *". However, I do have a few places where I show another POV in the middle. These are clearly delineated by the way the narration is written, however. There is no confusion on the part of the reader that I just switched POV.

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    Two Sheds

    Re: POV help

    Thanks for help.

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