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Thread: A crazy Pharse

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    A crazy Pharse

    Hello all ,

    During my writing i guessed a crazy phrase.

    "Nita's thinking is on the top of Empire state.

    Context : The girl's thinking level is very Altius or Higher.

    How is the phrase , Will it Do?

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    Mary M.

    Re: A crazy Pharse

    Well, it will do, depending on how it's going to be used.

    If in "street dialogue," it's fine.

    If in correct description, it should read, "Nita's thinking is as high as the Empire State Building."

    I hope my view helps.

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    Keith Cronin

    Re: A crazy Pharse

    Is English your first language? This sounds a bit rough to me.

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    Re: A crazy Pharse

    Mary i think it is better for you to add some more context about it.

    "The girl is monomaniac about gathering the knowladge about a topic . Thats why she has went to the library and start reading the tomes about the topic and that time her thinking level is on the supreme level. "

    And therefore i want to describe it this way ,"Nita's thinking was the top of Empire state".

    I think it will sound intresting.

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    Debbi Voisey

    Re: A crazy Pharse


    If English is not your first language then it will be very difficult for you to attempt to write in English.

    Is this the case? I hope it is that your first language is not English, because your sentences do not make sense. To me. As an English speaking person. It is very difficult to read them.

    Now, if your first language *is* English, then we have a much more major problem on our hands here.

    Debbi Voisey

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