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Thread: Big Letdown

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    Re: six months

    Like Pamela, I leapt right back into draft 2 the next day. Ditto the next 3 drafts. The chapters get at least a month's breathing space, and the old writing and its flaws leap out at me. I always feel sad finishing a draft. I'm coming around to the finish line finally, and I dread it. That said, it's getting harder and harder to revise. Time to close it up.

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    Tim Chamberlain

    Re: six months

    Six months doesn't seem so incredulous to me.

    I wrote my first novel in three sittings: first of one week, which was basically sketching the first two or three chapters, figuring out the characters and plot; then I did some research; second of two weeks solid writing and revising as I went [usually revising what I'd written the day before in the morning, then fresh writing in the afternoon/evening], this got me half way through the book; after which I did some more research on certain themes which needed more depth; then the third sitting again of two weeks, same regime = Five weeks total composition time.

    Two factors played a big part in the speed of composition: first clear aims and in-depth research, second the characters took over - writing this book was all the cliches of tuning into the characters and just writing down what they were saying, like writing a book which already existed somewhere in my subconscious. Doesn't always happen like this but when it does it's a real buzz!

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    Tim's comments

    Yup - I'll second that, Tim. My first draft roared out of me in 10 weeks. Would have happened faster if I didn't have family/exercise/part time job. It was all inside me, scratching to be let out.

    I know I'm not the only one on the 10 wk business either. K in Michigan - don't know if you'll read this, but you had something similar, right?

    Now five weeks, including revising. Whew, that's pretty impressive.

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    Robert Raven

    Re: Tim's comments

    I usually feel good, like euphoric, upon finishing any full draft of a project. Shortly after, I start thinking about submitting, and become suicidal.


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