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    Brady Boyd

    Re: And the Bland Played On...

    Your time's up, Squid. See ya!

    Brady Boyd

    Oh, just kidding. You've still got another week.

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    Kane X. Faucher

    Re: And the Bland Played On...

    I do not know if I ever left. I think I was delayed by thesis action and the crushing process of revisions ad infinitum. I wish I could respond to everything said above, the critical, the lauding, the indifferent, but it is not my place and/or I have already done this. Did I renounce even the impression of being interesting by returning, I wonder? And, no, I make none swoon (I tried long ago as a poet, but since retired that attempt at libertinage), but rather I like to write, talk, and yell. I suspect that Keith is also a pompous guy in a way, and we are perhaps on a closer scale than either of us will admit. But, yes, a beer shared would still occur. Again, I am reminded by this self-professed Nietzschean writer, E.M. Cioran who, in one of his many sometimes unsatisfying aphorisms says: "A writer must culture his megalomania." It's a statement that haunts me.


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    Kane X. Faucher


    BTW, on that swooning note (from nausea or smittenness?), not being my bag...I just as of a few days ago got engaged with a very patient, loving woman. She and I have been together for a while now, and to her credit she has rarely read anything I have written. I cannot explain just how wonderful her reluctance to read my work actually relieves me.

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    Re: PS

    That's right Kane, don't let the bastards wear you down.
    Not that I'm calling anyone a bastard...it's just a saying... :-D

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