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    Tim Chamberlain


    ... maybe the article was written by George W.?

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    It is true that Donald Maas is a good agent, or so I am told. But, in this circumstance, he is being an author. When you write a Web Site, an article, or a full fledged novel it is not acceptable to write poorly. Mike had a legitimate complaint, whenever I see bad writing I am inclined to give much less credence to the message. Whether or not he is an agent is irrelevant, he wrote a book and a Web Site. If the writing is bad than the message gets lost.

    Unless of course its poor writing on a message board such as this. This is much less formal.

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    Re: Maas

    After reading Writing the Breakout Novel, which I found very helpful, I wanted to know more. A few months ago I attended one of the Donald Maass workshops. What I learned there has taken my writing to a new level, even though I had to go back through my novel and redo almost everything. It will be worth it. His workshop was one of the most professional I have ever attended, not to mention economical. It was 1-1/2 days of total immersion in the art of writing fiction. I was numb when I left. The workshop was small enough (about 50 people) that Maass was accessible to everyone and I got the sense he was interested in helping each of us become a better writer. I know I am.

    I think he has another workshop coming up in April in the Chicago area, and if I can swing it, I'll go again!

    Who cares if the agent makes a few typos on a website? Writers write. Agents sell. And to my knowledge, Donald Maass has sold. And sold. And sold. And sold.....

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