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Thread: HELP!

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    A Taylor


    I was wondering if anyone knew of any groups where unpublished writers read and reviewed each others work? I would love to read other writers work and critique their projects. I desperately need the same. I am stressing my family and friends out with my editing and re-editing process. HELP!

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    Re: HELP!

    go to www.pw.org and enter the Speakeasy site. It's an absurdly clumsy site to navigate, but there's a "Writing Practice" forum where you can get feedback.

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    Mary M.

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    Re: HELP!

    There are several sites dedicated specifically to writers of fantasy and science fiction -- critters.org and one I believe at sffgate.net -- it's through Del Rey and you can to it through the Del Rey main page.


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    Kane X. Faucher

    Re: HELP!

    Not appropriate? Perhaps. There's always Roy's Ars Concordia site. Email roy abrahams and he'll pass along an invite.


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