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    Eva S

    Fact Checking Websites

    Do you have recommendations for the most accurate web sites where I can check historical dates?

    If a recent proposal under consideration is accepted, I will have to write pieces very quickly and would like a reliable site to fact check historical dates (primarily US).

    Since I'm about to start previews for a new B'way show, my schedule and that of any library in the area will not coincide for the next few months.

    Ususally I do preliminary research on the Internet, and then double check print sources or call experts in the field. (Maybe I'm just a neo-luddite).

    Should I simply search by individual topic, or are there some reliable sites pertaining to US history/literature in the 1850s?

    Thanks, sorry so scattered, but have been working busy crazy hours trying to get this show up.

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    Eva S

    Re: P.S.

    Wouldn't it have been nice if this opportunity had come up when I actually had TIME?

    Feast or famine . . .I'll just load my plate and be grateful!

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    Re: Thank you!


    To piggy-back off Gary's suggestion, if you're in a pinch and aren't quite sure where to find information, or have come upon conflicting online sources, many University libraries (and some public libraries) now offer "Ask - a - librarian" reference functions on their websites. This feature allows you to email your questions to the library, which are then forwarded to a reference librarian or specialty librarian who specializes in that area. Some libraries also have "live-chat" reference, allowing you to talk via email in real time to get virtually immediate answers to your questions. To be safe, you might want to ask that they indicate what source they used to obtain the information (this will also assist you when you verify information in print sources later on).

    lousavvy, a librarian who delights in answering reference questions -- the more obscure the better!

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    K in Michigan

    Another useful site

    One of my WIP used specific dates in a flashback mode. I wanted to make sure the days of the week made sense with the action of the story, i.e. that I wouldn't be sending my protagonist to work on a Sunday in a flashback.

    I found this site that includes a calculation on how to determine the day of the week for any given date. It involves some math (augh! shudder) but it's useful.


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: P.S.

    Mary M. points to some good general reference sites. For the most assured background references on history, try to track down university- or reputable think tank-sponsored websites that specialize in the particular historical era/topic you are researching. Much of what you find on the Internet is unreliable supposition. It's always best to look at who/what is sponsoring the website.

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    Re: P.S.

    I was familiar with refdesk.com, but am delighted to learn of the additional sites. Thanks, Mary M.

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    Eva S

    Re: Thank you!

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Gary, thanks for the tips. I don't trust web info unless I know from whence it came, so it's great to have reliable starting points.

    Thank you so much!

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    Eva S

    Ready for Anything!

    Thanks so much, everyone! I feel prepared to fact check just about anything now, even if I only have a 24-hour turn around time!

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