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    Melissa Rudy

    "New" weirdness?

    Is anyone else not seeing the red "New" flags next to threads? I'm seeing a few, but there are some threads I've never even opened that don't have them. Hmm...

    Melissa Rudy

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    Re: "New" weirdness?

    I'll send you some of mine.

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: "New" weirdness?

    I've always heard that after a while, the newness wears off . . .

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    Melissa Rudy

    Re: "New" weirdness?


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    Bob Kellogg

    Very perceptive, Karen.

    But, as Edna St. Vincent Millay said,

    "It's not true that life is one damn thing after another --it's one damn thing over and over."

    Bob K.

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    Joann Jones

    Re: Very perceptive, Karen.


    My responses never appear on the screen that shows threads. I'm not sure why that is.

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    Kevin Craig

    Re: Very perceptive, Karen.

    Why is new red? WHy couldn't it be blue, or mauve, or chartreuse? Why can't new be neon orange?

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    rich pearl

    re: new

    I think new is related to the last time the forum was visited. Anything that had been posted when you were last here, regardless of whether you read it or not, is no longer new.

    Anyway, that's what i think. Perhaps someone who's knowledgeable will correct me.

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    Karen Dionne

    For Joann Jones

    If you cancel auto-login, your name will show up in the threaded view - it's just a Writer's.net glitch. Also, the serious answer regarding the red "new" labels is that they do what as they wish. Sometimes they behave themselves, but at other times, the threads I've already visited will suddenly all go red, or else the oppostite happens, and the "new" labels disappear from threads I know I haven't read. The site works right for me about 80% of the time.


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    Re: For Joann Jones

    I just posted to a thread that was somewhat old. I appeared at the top of the screen with "new" in red. I think the "new" means that someone has added a comment to the thread. So you may have read it yesterday, then Gary adds his thoughts and so it becomes "new" again.
    Or else the owners of this site are having fun with us...

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