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    Dora Nevius



    It seems that along the path of becoming a writer I have indeed received some bad advises and it is very confusing because those people are actually published writers. But this is the reason I came here; to see what other people think, since one thing I do now is not to take for granted what one person says, but to research and learn as much as I can from as many sources as I can.

    I do value each advice I take from people here because I do see you are experienced and far ahead from where I am.
    I would like to once again thank you and everyone here for sharing what you know with me.


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    Kevin Craig

    Re: Buster

    Yes Gary, I don't do this for minor characters, just the major players. I like to feel like I know where they came from before they got to me.

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    George Washington

    Re: Buster

    Mike Fulton,
    If you wrote for Rumsfeld, the statement people often make on WN, "Have you checked google?" would have a whole new meaning.

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