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    When should I use nouns? I heard you should never use nouns. Is that true??

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Question

    Yes, you should never use either ____ or

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    Kevin Craig

    Re: Question


    It is my opinion that a period really adds pizzazz to a sentence. I don't see why you couldn't use them more often. Maybe bookmarking your sentence with periods is a good idea. NoName, if that really is your name, you can use nouns only when you start your sentence with a period.

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    Lonnie lament

    Hey Lindi

    Hey Lindi,

    Sorry if you think my aswers are stupid and that you think that I am kayla. Don't know that preson or who she is.

    And my answer want an attempt to "prolong" this thread. I merely rose to the ocasion and anserwed Roy's question about "petard."

    I don't know if I am right or worng because roys use of the term "Tudor" isent a litrary term or a period in British Literture, so I had to guess as to his meaning.

    If there is any stupidity in this theard it was my own for trying to answer Roy's question. I did my best.

    I know my spelling isent good, and for that I aporlogize and I will try to check my speling more closely.

    My kids thouoght I might enjoy websight browsing so they got a computer for me. It does me a whirl of good to communicate with smart people. I admit that I havent had much schooling but I read lots and I know a few things.

    I dont pertend to be waht I am not.

    Im not stupid, so I tried to answer Roy's question.

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    Re: Hey Lindi

    Sorry Lonnie, I thought "blogger you, Roy" was an insult. I've never actually heard the word before -- but it sounds awful!

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    Hey Brady

    how about once a month? works for most of us females.


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