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    Junior Member Loretta Green's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    small town
    I am using a trial version of Scrivener to write my novel for NaNoWriMo. It has a steep learning curve, but I am getting the hang of it now. it has awesome features. I think I will buy it after NaNoWriMo is over.

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    Jul 2012
    I found the learning curve on Scrivener to be so steep I fell off. BUT-- I was trying to import a work-in-progress onto it. Could've been the wrong way to start. I use Open Office, just because that's what came on my laptop. It's fine I guess-- just beware that everyone wants stuff in .doc for submissions, and the translation from OO to .doc can be problematic.

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    Rogue Mutt
    I've used the same version of MS Word for something like 12 years now. At work we have one of the later versions for Windows 7, but I don't see it as much of an improvement. I'm kind of set in my ways, I guess.

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    Member Kid's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Open Office for me too. Almost identical to Word. Them green squiggly sons of bihctes in Word always pissed me off when writing dialog. Fragmented Sentence Fragmented Sentence. Quite distracting. Open Office likes to mind its own business.

    Susan Are you unable to save in .doc? I've had no problems.

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    Senior Member Lea Zalas's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Southern Georgia
    Kid, I use Open Office too. Like a whole lot better than MS Word, and it's free. I can save in .doc, .pdf, and a whole bunch of other formats.

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    Senior Member John Oberon's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Columbus, Ohio
    Well, Loretta was obviously reading the archives and resurrected it. I don't think any of the others caught the date of the first post.

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    Aug 2010
    This post is ten years old

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