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Thread: Research: 1940s

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    Eva S

    Research: 1940s

    I wondered if anyone could recommend published diaries from the 1940s US. To get even more specific, the New England region would be ideal.

    Yes, I am using search engines and searching libraries, but I'm also interested in recommendations to get me started.

    Many thanks!

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Research: 1940s

    Try the collage libraries that house the personal papers and or diaries of some of the senators and statesmen from that era.....

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    Lisa J. Werth

    Re: Research: 1940s

    Are you looking for political and other celbrity diaries or everyday people?

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    Re: Research: 1940s

    Just a thought, Eva, but, have you considered taking your trusty little micro-cassette recorder down to your friendly neighborhood nursing home? You can find a wealth of information that nobody has put in books. And the telling is far more vivid firsthand. Not only that, you will accomplish two other things as well. You get to know new people, maybe some genuine heros, that you might never have known (and, since they are hometown people, a ready source of newspaper articles in your hometown!), and these people will so appreciate your taking the time to get to know them. It will do everyone invovled a world of good.

    Think about it.


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    Lisa Werth

    Re: Research: 1940s

    Good thought Reese?

    Brings up another question though - What exactly is it for?

    Eva - where you go?

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    Lisa Werth


    Correction - didn't want the question mark after Reese.

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    Eva S

    Re: Great ideas

    Yvonne, thanks, personal papers are a great idea.

    Reese --awesome. Discussions will give me all sorts of details.

    Lisa -- I'm working my way into this project and don't exactly know what it is. Usually I have more of an idea, but at this point, I have an idea of an idea, if that makes any sense. I keep writing pages and pages of notes about characters, and I know that a major character is born in 1944 to two other major characters who are quite young at the time.

    I'm still not sure where the piece is "placed" -- Cape Cod resonates, but fishing and weather are so integrated and is that part of it? Or do I want to set it in the Berkshires? Or in Upstate New York or Connecticut? It's definitely New England or Upper Mid-Atlantic. And place will have a lot of influence, ultimately.

    It's such an embroyonic stage and such a new way of working that I'm really throwing darts in the dark at this point and trusting that research will start to resonate with characters and build the piece from there.

    Of course, I start swinging on a B'way show next week, so that means I have to be extremely disciplined again about writing time -- but I can use the commute to read research materials!

    And, of course, I'm on deadline for several other short paid pieces -- always feast or famine, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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    Lisa J. Werth


    I started a google search -

    Women's Studies
    ... When complete, North American Women's Letters and Diaries will be the largest
    collection of women's diaries and correspondence ever assembled. ...
    exlibris.colgate.edu/gateway/womensstudies.htm - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

    I have a feeling Reese's idea may still be your best bet though. If it's fiction - you have a lot of libertites on what's discussed in entries, etc.

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    Eva S

    Re: Lisa

    Thanks. Will look into it. Since I don't have a deadline and don't know what this will evolve into, I can follow any and every interesting tangent, at least at the beginning! This is a part of the process I enjoy!

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    Mary M.

    For Eva

    Also, try www.refdesk.com.

    Also, here are some "subject directories:

    And The Internet Public Library: www.ipl.org

    Plus www.searchability.com

    Finally, www.invisibleweb.com

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