Most are aware of the pages on my site being visited on a regular basis by a number of WN members. With the recent postings mentioning them here on WN, it came to me that I should perhaps say a few things in explanation.

First, although they are on my personal website, the chat room, the photo gallery, and the Ars Concordia critique forums are not what I like to consider "mine." They were put up for those who might enjoy having access to such features as are not found here. The time I spend maintaining them is my contribution to the writing community I have grown to appreciate. My efforts there are nothing more than a way of saying "thank you for your help" to all on; each of you has provided me with much more of value than you'll ever know or understand.

In another very recent thread, Eva S. expressed the feeling that a number of OT boards would give her and others a venue for "kicking back" and discussing things having no relation to the craft of writing. I'm sure many would join her there should WN's administrators find it practical to add such features. Perhaps a number could post support for such a request.

In the interim, you could use the forum on the chat room's home page. It is another freebie off the web but it works well and all are invited to post there as an alternative to having no other place for doing so at the moment. Access to that forum is made by clicking the forum box at the lower left hand side.

While I'm here discussing this topic, I'd like to share something I find encouraging. The first story to be submitted to Ars Concordia has generated six critiques so far. A second story already has one. All of those critiques are not only respectfully written but composed with an obvious understanding of writing craft. I hope all reading this will want to visit the pages and check them out.

In the spirit of the new attitudes being taken up here on WN, all visitors to the chat room and its features conduct themselves with respect for each other. With this in mind, I hope many more of you will visit when time permits. Everyone there does their utmost to make each other comfortable and feel welcome.

The URL is

Best regards to all................Roy