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    Terri Dunham

    Re: Passive Voice but a BTW

    Thank you. I think I'm getting it now. (just needed to change that lightbulb over my head)

    I won't change the sentence because the way it is written actually works better for the scene. Although I hadn't thought about the Exorcist thing...pretty funny.

    Thanks again and again and again

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    Re: Passive Voice but a BTW

    Your lightbulb is just fine, LoL! Passive/active is about the toughest thing to learn in writing!

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    Terri Dunham

    no kidding!

    And I thought the "show dont tell" was tough!!
    (still screw that up from time to time...but usually on the first draft)

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    Mike Fulton

    Intransitive Verbs Have NO Voice

    "she cried out"
    "she yelped"
    "she moaned"
    "she shrieked"

    These are neither active nor passive. Being intransitive verbs (i.e., no action passes from a doer to a receiver), they have NO VOICE as they appear here.

    However, they may be made transitive by providing them with something known as a cognate object.

    Typically cognate objects appear as the noun form of intransitive verbs:
    She cried a cry.
    She yelped a yelp.
    She dreamed a dream.
    She sang a song.
    She danced a dance.

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    Re: Intransitive Verbs Have NO Voice


    Since the vast majority of what people are labelling passive voice are actually

    progressive tenses
    perfect tenses
    odd sentence forms
    simple being verbs/linking verbs

    which suggests that most people have *no* idea what passive voice means, at all -- the odds that those same folks know the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs is slim. So I tried to address all the things that are normally mislabelled as passive voice since the original question boiled down to "what is wrong with my writing and how can I fix it."

    Anyway, after a couple years of crusading to educate writers on what passive voice means, I now give up and just try to answer the question in the question and to use "non-grammar" words.
    But -- heck -- if you can get folks to understand the difference between transitive and intransitive, I tip my hat to you.


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    Terri Dunham

    Re: Intransitive Verbs Have NO Voice

    no more differences please! my head is about to explode! lol

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