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    Eva S

    Sad News -- Carol Shields

    I saw in this morning's paper that Carol Shields died from complications from breast cancer.

    Her writing is lovely and moving, and she will be sorely missed.

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    Re: Sad News -- Carol Shields

    God, how terrible. I'm reading Happenstance at the moment, and Unless was the best book I read last year. A truly wonderful writer if ever there was one.

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    Re: Sad News -- Carol Shields

    It's a great loss.

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    Eva S

    Re: Sad News -- Carol Shields

    Happenstance is one of my favorites. Unless is my treat to myself when I finish the next round of deadlines.

    Her work has mattered so much in my life.

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    Re: Sad News -- Carol Shields

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I just convinced myself last evening to put Unless back on the shelf until I had actual money in my checking account, but I picked it back up three times.


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