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Thread: Periwinkle sky?

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    Periwinkle sky?

    Quick question for anyone who can help me out here. I'm wanting to describe a gorgeous summer day in Sausalito, CA ... and the sky. I'm itching to tag it a "periwinkle" color. Do I need to throw blue in there or is it assumed something that's perwinkle IS blue? Thought about "an indigo sky" and to me that seems pretty clear. But somehow "a periwinkle sky" just sounds cryptic to me. Any opinions?

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    Jay Carnine

    Re: Periwinkle sky?

    Periwinkle all by itself should be just fine.

    If your book is aimed at the feminine side, no further explanation required.
    Women know colors, no two ways about it.

    Most men will know that it's a shade of blue, but not the exact shade.

    A nice choice of color as well, brings an interesting picture to your mind and allows a touch of lingering over the thought of a periwinkle sky.
    I like it.


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    Re: Periwinkle sky?

    Thanks Jay! Perwinkle shall stand alone.

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    M T

    Re: Periwinkle sky?

    I agree. Periwinkle sky sounds great. It brings the colour to mind as well as ... well it just sounds poetic. I can see myself lying in a meadow under a periwinkle sky. Definately.

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    Laura Gibson

    Re: Periwinkle sky?

    Prestine blue? Pale blue? Sky-blue? Powder-blue? Dusty, hazy...Azure. Royal.
    I'm the odd man out, but "periwinkle" makes me stop and think, "huh?"

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    Mary M.

    Re: Periwinkle sky?

    I'm another one who knows perfectly what periwinkle means!

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    Bob Kellogg

    The Chinese way

    Before any modern archaeology was done in China, Western experts studying ancient texts had a difficult time picturing the exact color of a porcelain glaze. That made it hard to identify genuine artifcts from fakes. The ancients, for example, would describe a celadon bowl as having "the color of the sky after a rain."

    I'm not sure they had periwinkles in China. For that matter, I'm not sure I've ever seen one. Delphiniums, yes.

    Bob K.

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    Brady Boyd

    Re: The Chinese way

    I like "periwinkle sky". Good description!

    Brady Boyd

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