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Thread: smell memory

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    M T

    Re: smell exercise: write as dialogue

    Lindi -- yours are great, I like #4 and #6 the best. Have a great time tonight, I love Planet Of the Apes! I saw all the episodes during a memorable six months when we got all those free channels (no longer since we refuse to pay lol).

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    Lindi Hobbs

    Re: smell exercise: write as dialogue

    Oh I screwed up # 6 ... but you know what I meant, LoL! Kane, I think it's on the A&E channel. They're celebrating the PofA's 35th anniversary. Man, am I that old? eek. Anyway, finished the first one -- excellent. But the next is "Beneath the PofA" which is painfully bad. Prob won't watch much of that one. Hugs to you both ~ L

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    Lindi Hobbs

    Re: smell exercise: write as dialogue

    PS: Kane?? Where are your ten 10 favourite smells AS DIALOGUE with personality? ) Looking forward to that ... ~ L

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    Craig Gosse

    Re: smell exercise: write as dialogue

    I guess I misundertood the 'challange' - *I* though that you were supposed to come up with things like:

    The rich, dark fragerance of pipe tobacco lounged insolently above my head, muttering of times past, and the illusion of wealth.


    The sharp, earthy smell of damp, fresh-cut lawn dashed through the neighborhood upon the pathways of the wind, begging the children to come out and play.

    AND (and argue this one if you think I'm wrong...)

    Once more the scent of coffee stalked the nooks and crannies of the kitchen, it's siren-song once more promising ever more then it's own flavor would deliver...

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    Patricia Grant

    Re: smell exercise: write as dialogue

    Wow...look at all the Planet of the Apes fans! I agree, Beneath the PoA was poor. The rest were classic though, and I have them all on VHS! (Um...did NOT like the more recent "reenvisioning" of it. The end made NO sense...)

    Anyway, love your littl exercise, so I think I'll take a stab at it...

    1. Sausage frying in a pan causes my mouth to salivate, until remember with extreme guilt that I am now vegetarian.

    2. As I drive through the countryside, the pungent scent of a skunk drifts in through the window, making me laugh as I realize that after moving into the city I miss even this odor.

    3. The biting smell of gasoline assaults my senses as it gives me both nausea, and an intense headache.

    4. (From my book) The lingering scents of morning breakfast hung heavily in the kitchen, but were quickly overwhelmed by the stronger smells of oil paints and thinner coming from the room ahead as he opened the door.

    5. My nose and eyes watered in protest as the cigarette smoke encircled my head, filling me with the acrid odor.

    6. I like to pretend I'm looking to buy a brand new car, just so I can have the occasion to climb into one and take in a big whiff of that wonderful "new car" scent.

    7. One of life's simplest pleasures is to bury your nose into a cat's fur just after she's groomed herself, and smell the scent of her natural musk.

    (Um... unless you're allergic to cats...) ;-)

    8. Half the enjoyment of going out to a movie is the theatre popcorn; you don't have to eat it, just inhale it.

    9. There is this hand soap that has an almond scent; it always takes me back to the days of my youth, having fun in the kitchen with my mother baking cookies with almond extract.

    10. The smells of nature are what make me feel the most alive, the fresh air just after a rainfall, grass right after mowing, beautiful flowers, and the smell of dirt when planting a garden.

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    Lindi Hobbs

    Re: smell exercise: write as dialogue

    Beautifully done, Patricia! I especially liked #8 -- I agree. Love the smell. Can't afford the calories! I also agree "Beneath The PoA" was just embarrassingly bad. I love the rest. I don't know what they were thinking with the remake. It had all the depth of a kiddie pool. Anywayz what is PoA without Roddy McDowell?? That's like apple pie without the apples!

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    Kane X. Faucher

    Lindi, I will play fair

    1. The overpowering ardour of chlorine that adds a characteristic sunny sunset fuzziness as the public pool drains and the children become brave enough to enter all slicked in mud.
    2. The light autumnal zephyr of dry birch as it hangs limply from its arboreal mast.
    3. The waft of delicate brine while trolling the seaside for starfish.
    4. The bituminous smell of treacle black shale as one splits it open to find a pyritized trilobite.
    5. The guilty aroma of gasoline in a gas station during a road trip into the nocturnal unknown.
    6. The musty and gravid scent of old books sagging on overstuffed shelves in a used bookstore run by a man who has for so long been slowly been fading into his inventory.
    7. The crisp and biting frost in the dead of winter as the sun gives diamond radiance to a recent ice storm surface.
    8. The heavy smell of calm foreboding as the heavens prepare to split with storm.
    9. The fresh smell of bright plastic as a child encounters a toy he has so longed for in his heart.
    10. The tepid yet invitingly sour smell of a tavern heavily populated with old punk rock friends just waiting for you to rub them raw with a personal story informed by a liberal helping of pitchers.

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