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    Mike Fulton

    Step right up

    Yeah, Toby. Step Right Up.

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    Re: Step right up

    step right up, step right up.
    Everyone’s a winner, bargins galore.

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    Roy Abrahams

    Where can I......

    Does anyone know where I can find some information on gutter spikes? I tried the blue underlined search at the top of the page and found only "guttersnipes." The search box at the very top brought up three entries about "garter snakes." This did little but remind me of <u>garden</u> snakes and a used car lot in Phoenix, Arizona, called "Jake the Snake's Garden of Gears."

    Honestly, this is a very disappointing site. My only hope now is that someone here can stear me to one that gives up good search results.

    Roy........who is about to give up

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    Brady Boyd

    Gutter Spikes

    One of the best ways to obtain gutter spikes is to build a virtual mailbag account. If you set your mailbag account in a little used domain, preferably at the far end near the XYZ area, then limit the cyber noise as much as possible, the gutter spikes will populate in your mailbag account. Usually you have to round up some buddies to stir up internet traffic, and they'll steer them snipes right into the bag.

    Good luck!

    Brady Boyd

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    Brady Boyd

    Re: Gutter Spikes

    Ooops, typo. I meant spikes, not snipes.


    Brady Boyd

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    Kane X. Faucher

    Re: Gutter Spikes

    I must refrain from responding. Lunatic baptists have stolen my memory.

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    Mike Fulton

    Re: Gutter Spikes

    Oh, MT!

    What a metaphor!

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