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Thread: bicker?

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    Brady Boyd

    Re: Brady?

    Psssst, Lisa....

    I don't give a rat's behind if people bicker. I'm a derailer. If everything was going like daisies, THEN I'd throw in some poop.

    Don't tell nobody, k?

    Brady Boyd

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    Bob Kellogg

    Scotch dreams

    Kane, I, too, once sought Scotch. In those days, only the blended was available, and Johnny Walker Black was on the top tier, being X-number-of-years aged, making it smoother, they said. After the first on-the-rocks, they could've fed me Old Army Kilt and I wouldn't have known the difference. But JW Blue? A hundred bucks a bottle?

    Well, what do I know? There's plenty of stuff for people with more money than brains to buy. Today in the LA Times was a report on the new Porshe SUV. Yes, and surprise! It now accounts for about half of their sales. $58,000 for the cheapo version and near $90,000 for the Turbo.

    It's perfect. The hotshot bachelor can contiue to display his potency after getting married and generating offspring. Trade in the Carrera for the SUV and he'll hear no tut-tutting at the health or country club.

    Oh, by the way, Porsche in their Teutonic wisdom named that honker the Cayenne. I was completely silenced by the name. Still can't get my brain around it. Red pepper? Or am I missing something?

    On another topic, I drink wine now because A) I like it, and B) I'd miss most of the evening, and probably earn ridicule or enemies drinking the hard stuff.

    Bob K.

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