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Thread: bicker?

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    Lisa J. Werth


    Squabble, cat fight.

    Brady, I wanted to start a new thread, hope you don't mind.

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    Kane X. Faucher

    Re: bicker?

    Blah! Ach! Moo! Twisted denizens attempting to shill the last failed vestiges of spirit like some gaudy bauble at the bazaar of disgusting sexual desires! Fiendish republic of suckfish and other such slovenly tarts tending to the fractured abyss of media!

    Ok. that was my useless squabble, mostly with myself.

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    Mike Fulton

    Pill Time


    Is it pill time already?

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    Lisa Werth


    Leave Kane Be!
    This is suppose to be a distraction thread.

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    Kane X. Faucher

    Re: Michael


    Is it suburban community BBQ time with the banal, mediocre slavering, button-down hordes again? Heh. Blast it all if my invective clashes yet again with the bourgeois IKEA decor lifestyle! Selah. Oh ho ho, distractions indeed...So many to choose from. In future, Mike, please refrain from making jabs at my psychological health--I am ever so sensitive. Just prodding you a bit, Mike. In all honesty, I do raise the glass to you. Heh.

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    Kane X. Faucher

    Re: Michael

    I do apologize for the above. I meant it in the spirit of humour, and hope that it was perceived that way. My kingdom for an emoticon?

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    Bob Kellogg

    Huh? Barbeques are banal?

    Uh, oh. Maybe no one will notice.

    Uh oh again. Some of the guests could be considered banal, but at least one isn't. She may throw herself on the couch and sigh, "How utterly, inexpressibly banal."

    What will I say?

    I've got it. "Can I freshen your drink?" That usually works.

    And if anyone shows up with button-down collars, I'll rip those collars open and if the buttons pop off, even better. They already know better than to show up wearing ties. Or loafers with no socks.

    But at least I'm not cooking hamburger. I'll slap my marinated flank steak on one half of the grill and salmon or mahi-mahi on the other half. No one will be able to whine about the protein course.

    That reminds me. I need to check the single-malt supply. One guy has single-handedly over the past year or so, taken care of my entire bottle of Glenfiddich. He seems to like it. No one wants the Meyer's rum, though, even with the ten or twelve vanilla beans that have been soaking in it for years. Probably tastes too good.

    Sally and I seem to be primarily winos now. Is that an advance or a retreat?

    Bob K.

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    Kane X. Faucher

    Re: Huh? Barbeques are banal?


    I love it! Your post had me rolling about in fits of laughter, and even I cannot begin to say why, or what exactly about your post, this is the case. Glenfiddich is a fine brand, one of discerning taste...Writing and women have driven me to being a scotch afficionado. Have you tried Johnny Walker blue label? Apparently over a hundred bucks a bottle. Ouch. As for the wino bit, I am unsure...Could we say advanced retreat, or retreating advance? Selah.

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    Brady Boyd


    Okay Lisa. If this is the place to bicker, I'll play along. I think you are (insert slander here).

    How was that? Was it bickery enough? Will it entice you hammer a vehement reply?

    Brady Boyd

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    Lisa Werth


    You had asked earlier on another thread for other words for bicker. This was my first idea today for a diversion thread. Then the other idea for first books came to me.

    I think I'll avoid your posting in the personality thread, people might accuse me of writing fiction.

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