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    Mike Fulton



    RBVD indicated that you have ilk. Why haven't you shared any of it with us?

    I want an ilk shake.

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    Re: Jack

    Mike -- You're not seriously suggesting that I'm making any of this up? If you are, I'd be more than happy to put up $1,000 (let Gary K hold it). You put up a $1,000. I'll reveal my credentials to both Gary and you. If I'm NOT telling the truth, you get the $2,000. If I am, the $2,000 gets split -- I get mine back and the other $1,000 goes to cover the costs of another Writer's Net Anthology (and Gary keeps the change for his trouble.)

    I teach because it's fun. It's a seminar filled with grad students -- the competition to get into the class keeps them from being people like you when they get there.

    If I'm doing my job as teacher? What month is this? I thought you were supposedly a student yourself. Where I teach, we have semesters AND IN BETWEEN THEM WE TAKE VACATIONS. Besides, I didn't say how many classes I taught. (The answer is TWO.)

    So, Mike -- have an extra grand to put up? It'll go to a good cause. (The other condition is that if I'm telling the truth, you will agree not to tell anyone who I am -- just in case you're curious enough to pay $1,000 to find out who I am.)


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    By the way, Mike -- from the archives

    Author: Keith Postler (---.canton01.mi.comcast.net)
    Date: 11-29-02 22:36

    I really don't post here regularly anymore, but I do visit often to see what's going on, so I thought I'd share a small publishing success story.

    About nine months ago, I wrote an article/essay about an event that happened three years ago. It involved a lost teddy bear and a four year-old boy and the lengths a father (me) went to retrieve it. The final version logged in at about 5800 words -- far too many for placement in most magazines that I could think of. Nonetheless, I solicited feedback from a few online writers’ groups -- including this one, and began shopping it around. I wrote a 600-word summary and began sending out email queries while the feedback came in. The feedback and comments were constructive and helpful.

    One of the people I received feedback and encouragement from is someone whose online persona many of you here may be familiar with. He signs his postings RBSA. He's been a controversial figure here for more than a year, but he's often offered good advice and words of wisdom that some have taken to heart. I sent him the 600 word summary asking for feedback -- which he gave, but never expected anything more.

    RBSA, as it turns out, has acquaintances in some magazine publishing circles. Without my knowledge, he shipped my article summary off to a friend, a former editor at Woman's World magazine. She, in turn, got it into the hands of a current editor, who pitched it to her fellow editors for feedback. Apparently, they were pleased enough with the concept that management agreed to buy the article, but only under the condition that I change the point of view.

    Originally, it was written from my perspective, but the Woman's World editor didn't think that would sell to a mostly female readership. She asked me to re-write the article and include as much POV from my wife as I could, and also offered a few other tips. The next challenge was whittling down 5800 words into a 500-word article. Once I had made my final edits, they formally offered me a contract and the article will be published this month, possibly for the Dec. 10 issue.

    I have to thank RBSA for his help and guidance. I never asked him to help me get my foot in the door. He's been in the middle of several brush fires here, but he was there when needed.

    Woman's World, by the way, is part of Bauer Publishing. The parent company also publishes First for Women, Soaps in Depth, Soap Opera Update, J-14, Twist, M (all teen mags), and In Touch (a new competitor to People). It's available mostly at grocery store check out lines, which initially gave me the chills, but a sale is a sale.

    Oh, yeah. Woman's World has a weekly circulation of 1.8 million.

    Thanks for listening.


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    Brady Boyd

    Re: By the way, Mike -- from the archives

    Always nice to hear when fellow writers help fellow writers--especially in the "breaking in" process. I swear when I'm a success I'll help those who helped me here.

    Brady Boyd

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