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    mike fulton

    First Lines

    It was Christmas Eve, and I had gotten a call from the twenty-seventh precinct. The sargeant explained to me that my great aunt had been picked up for "loitering, and something we haven't found a name for yet."

    Excerpt form "The Greater New Orleans Sanitation Workers' Strike" Sundress Publications
    Copyright 2001 by Mike Fulton

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    mike fulton

    Re: First Lines

    "You just gotta be friendly and beee-lieeeve what you're telling folks. I'm gonna show you what selling's all about one more time and I won't show you again, understand? Sometimes I think you mighta been better off had I let your mom sell you off to the circus years ago."

    Excerpt from "Fetishes," Salon DAarte
    Copyright 2000 by Mike Fulton

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    Patricia Grant

    Re: First Lines

    Hi Karen! Actually, that was Patricia Schwitzer who wanted a critique, not me, but I'll gladly accept it! Thanks very much, I found it an immense help.

    By the way, Glen Ellyn, IL is an actual town just outside Chicago, and one of the few I'm familiar with that fits the type of area this scene takes place in. Yeah, it does have a lot of L's in it!

    I like the suggstions you made and am off to go to work on it. Thanks!

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: First Lines

    Thanks, Patricia Grant, for being so gracious about my mistake. You're obviously a classy lady!


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