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    Bob Kellogg

    Music hath charms

    Yesterday afternoon I got out Glenn Gould's recording of the Bach Well-Tempered Clavier Part II nad played the whole thing! All however-many-there-are preludes & fugues on 2 CDs. Somehow the fact that such towering, incomprehensible genius --Bach and Gould both-- lived in this world is reassuring.

    Sometimes it's reassuring to watch the ocean in its infinite variety. It's always there, restless and alive, no matter what we do. Before we came along and long after we're gone, it will still pound the shore. Cliffs will fall, the sand will go away and come back to protect the land from greater destruction. Pelicans and gulls and dolphins will find fish and clouds will never be exactly the same again.

    Those are occasions when contemplating something bigger than myself is comforting. Sometimes it helps to contemplate something smaller than myself, like our dog. He's usually tranquil, even when watching TV; at least until an interloper appears.

    There's a universe of possibilities, TLE.

    Bob K.

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    Mary M.

    The Closet Theory

    I always recommend closet cleaning to recharge mental metabolism. The reorganizing and discarding process somehow parallels defogging the writing mind.

    Hey, neat closets are nothing to sneeze at either!

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    Re: The Closet Theory

    TLE, I feel for you, I've got four kids too, all school-aged or younger. And writing only happens when they are all asleep.

    Sometimes to get back my energy, I change the focus of our routine from D1 to this lesson, D2 to that lesson, D3 to preschool etc, etc, etc. Just take some time to be with the kids doing something fun together instead of focusing on getting them somewhere to do something enriching. Have a picnic in the backyard, paint pictures together, go for a walk in the woods and don't say hurry once, stop to look at the ants and the squirrels. That helps me a lot, to reconnect to my kids and to the reasons why I had them, which in turn gives me a boost.

    Of course, if that fails, chocolate always helps.

    And, I'm almost ashamed to admit, time away also works wonders. I was totally stressed out after the end of school so my hubby sent me on a writer's retreat -- nine days of me and a house and no one else to talk to, to worry about, no obligations or demands on my time. (The first day I sort of wandered around in a daze, but since then have been writing like crazy.) I know not everyone's hubby can be that supportive, but even a day away can really pump you up.


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    mike fulton


    I have found that most misery is 90% real. The rest is mental. You need to harness that remaining ten percent to get you through the bad stuff in life. Know what i mean?

    A few years ago, I knew that I was going to get fired from my job. It was kind of weird because I had been on the job for only three days.

    But I could feel it coming on.

    You know what I mean? Like you know you've just assumed a position which three other people wanted but the boss hired YOU so that the rest of the staff wouldn't feel as though he had favored one over another.

    The leading questions started at noontime the first day. I made the mistake of revealing something about myself which was no one's business (alright, I've been married five times... so now everyone HERE knows). Let me tell you, that thrilled the women in the office no end.

    The next day, i decided that I had to do something to save myself, so i went overboard. i told them that my first four wives died ( which is not true. They all left in a huff over stupid issues like monogamy and steady employment). That story didn't make anyone happy. I couldn't get any cooperation from the secretaries after that.

    I also made the mistake of revealing to my office mate that I had been let go by every employer i had ever worked for. The next day, I went way over the top and tried to compensate for that error by saying that the reason why I had been let go from every place I had ever worked for was because all of the companies went belly up. (I decided to tell the truth this time).

    That got the comptroller and all the other bean-counters upset. I don't think that they could decide whether i had stolen from all of my employers or that I was just bad luck. (Bad luck --- really).

    So I go into work on the third day, and the boss calls me into his office. I knew it was coming.

    So I preempted him.

    "Roy," I said. "I'm glad we're taking time to talk, get to know each other."

    Roy started turning red. I could tell that the dust-off wasn't going the way he wanted it to go.

    I said,"There are a few things bothering me about this place. I want an office with a window overlooking the breezeway."

    You should have seen the guy. He was all lit up. I knew i had him where I wanted him. "Roy," I said," another thing. I want a raise. What you're asking me to do here is a big job and, after all, you DID go outside the company for talent. Right?"

    Geez, Roy made a sound like he was passing a large object from his body and he kind of fluttered his eyelids.

    "Roy," I said," I think I'm going to take an early lunch to give you time to think this over, okay?"

    I left the office. It was 9:30a.m.. At 11:30 a.m., I called in and told Roy's secretary that i was turning in my resignation, and that I wanted to convert my sick days into cash and collect whatever profit sharing i had accrued during the previous two days of employment.

    Then I hung up.

    God, i felt good. What started out promising to be a miserable day turned into one of the best days of my life. I wasn't about to let any job keep me pinned down for weeks and months...

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Recharging

    I'd hang onto wife number five--especially if she has a job. :-)

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    mike fulton

    Re: Recharging

    I probably should have.

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    T. L. E.

    Re: Recharging

    Thanks for all your input everyone. Just knowing others often feel the same is really all I need to feel better.

    I only get online Sun/Mon/Thurs or I'd have thanked you sooner.

    Have an enriching weekend all--


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