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Thread: $107 per word?

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    Mary M.

    Re: Try again Roy!

    Roy, I hope this turns out decently for you.

    I also think you might consider legal aid counsel.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Try again Roy!

    I agree that this is no place to come to get legal advice (just as a court case over who is going to get your house is no place to go without a lawyer by your side). This isn't a criticism of those responding here who have a legal background--they've all said to get legal counseling. I think this string is pretty weird.

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    Bob Kellogg

    Get a lawyer

    Roy, don't dismiss bankruptcy. Keep looking until you find a lawyer that will take your case without a retainer. Many years ago I had to do that and the judge cut the lawyer's fee in half. In a bankruptcy, your house and car are almost always exempted.

    If you have no other option, go to Legal Aid. And ask for a continuance so you can obtain representation.

    Everyone's telling you this, Roy: it won't matter how eloquent you are in your brief. It will have to argue successfully the facts that pertain to the law that applies to your case. Unless you know what that law is and how to use it in your favor, your words will be useless.

    Good luck.

    Bob K.

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Get a lawyer

    You have my prayers.... but.... call the local bar... many attnorys will take cases such as yours... Pro-bono... I think that is what it is called... (without fees)....
    please do not go this alone....... call the local bar....

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    Roy Abrahams

    Calling a bar

    Yvonne......I called three local bars and all of them said their attornies had left their bonos at the country club's pro shop. None were willing to run out to the club and come back in time to help. That's the way of it in this small rural community where cowboys riding in are welcome so long as they ride back out shortly after last call is announced.

    Yes, it is unfair but untill someone unseats the KKK, there will be hard times for good people.

    Roy (who is advertising for a ride to the interior of Old Mexico)

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    Roy Abrahams

    For Tom at proxy.aol

    Good morning, Tom:

    Would you be kind enough to email me for private discussion on this issue?

    Many thanks.........Roy

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