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Thread: Ah, um, Yvonne

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    Lisa Werth

    Ah, um, Yvonne

    What Genesis?
    Where did you send it?

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Ah, um, Lisa

    It is a joke..... it is called the lost book of genesis....
    very cute...... it is about dogs and cats.....
    I sent it to the last email address that you sent to me.... from where you are at........... I have 3 addresses for you................ email me at yahoo again....
    I feel so lost.... and so confused.....

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Ah, um, Lisa

    I just sent it out to two of the email addresses.... that I have for you.....
    let me know...

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    I think you two are looking for the chat site over on yahoo.
    Still, I’m glad you found each other, sure you’ll be very happy.

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    Lisa Werth

    I got it! --FYI Toby

    Yvonne, did you share it with other pet owners around here.
    (nix the verizon one) keep the lycos
    Toby, Wanted to make sure I wasn't having problems with receiving mail at my writers.net address as well. Some others that I exhange emails with away from here were having problems with their accounts too.

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